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Six Easy-to-Follow Anti-Aging Tips that Every Girl Should Know and Follow

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you spot your first wrinkle or notice your first fine line creasing your forehead? Feel down in the dumps and start thinking that you have started aging?

Oh, come on, age is just a number, and you can challenge the clock and turn the clock backward even by following some easy-to-follow hacks. They are easy, and you can incorporate them into your daily life without any worries!


Did we lose you there? We know, sweating buckets isn’t your idea of fun, but hear us out, exercising is great for your health and your skin! It is because exercise releases a compound known as IL 15, which hinders cell apoptosis. And it isn’t that you have to exercise all seven days of the week. You can take it easy and gradually increase the sessions. Say you start with one or two and then maybe exercise four days a week. There it seems so doable.

 Facial massage

Going for regular facial massages does not feature in our busy schedules, and we, for one, don’t like it much to lie down for hours and have our skin kneaded. There’s a simpler way out of this complicated procedure.

You can try a DIY hack right at home using your skincare products, and it can help uplift your facial muscles. Try making circular movements with gentle fingertips and move your hands in the opposite direction. This improves your skin elasticity and prevents skin degeneration.

Facial yoga for the win

Before you say we hate contorting our bodies into complicated poses and that includes our facial muscles too, listen to this because we have a reason to believe making weird or not-so-weird faces can improve skin elasticity. And if you forget to move your facial muscles, they can slacken up! Moving your body helps, and moving your facial muscles helps too, and they retain the suppleness of your skin and its elasticity. Yeah, right, sign us up already!

Getting Quality Sleep Matters

We know how we feel when we lose sleep at night, we get stressed and have inexplicably strong cravings for junk food, and you know what junk food and sugar do to our skin. So, include a minimum of eight hours of shut-eye. Not only does getting 8 hours shut-eye every single night, because our skin and our body go into repairing mode at night, and you would like the cells to do their jobs better don’t you? Also, the HGH or the human growth hormone functions only at night, so get that uninterrupted sleep at night amigos, you would be doing your skin a huge favor! Special emphasis on the word huge.

 Say no to not removing your make up!

We know what you are thinking, and we did that because removing your makeup is such a no-brainer, yet we sometimes skip it at night! We crash on our beds and forget that shiny film of the makeup that made us look gorgeous now can rob away our beauty later. So, be kind and gentle to your skin.

Makeup left overnight is the perfect recipe for disaster as it causes collagen breakdown and can hurtle you towards skin aging and blotchy skin. Wash your skin with a gentle foaming cleanser rinse away the grime, dirt, and makeup and experience a squeaky clean, happy skin.

Should you exfoliate or not?

Yes, exfoliate, you must, but don’t overdo it. Exfoliating twice a week can help shed the dead skin cells and help accelerate new ones’ process. Regular exfoliation can switch up your inner glow and make you look youthful and radiant. Now, who does not want that? We sure do. Use gently homemade scrubs made of almond meal or orange peel. Trust us. The inexpensive ones work best!

Also, follow the other hacks of drinking enough water, quit smoking, and apply sunscreen whenever you venture out of your home. Stick to products that contain less harmful chemicals as too much of the wrong chemicals and spell bad news for your skin’s health. Plant-based non-toxic products always work to defy skin aging and make you look great even if you are the wrong side of thirty, forty, fifty, or more!

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