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Five Anti-Aging Upgrades You Should Try Before 2020 Ends

Skincare trends keep coming and going. And we know that aesthetic products, brands, and styles undergo major overhauls. So face shaving is now replaced with modern derma-planning.

Or should we say, prominent cheek highlights have taken a step back only to make way for fresh, dewy skin? Here’s listing five trending skin, hair, and nail quick fixes that are becoming quite a rage in the everyday beauty regimen. And you better try them out before bidding 2020 a farewell!

Replace Press-on nails for Dip Powder nails

Celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna’s easy-breezy solution to a manicure is winning the hearts of many. Clients love press-on nails. Dip powder loyalists are skeptical about making a switch, though. But thanks to a handful who tried something that she had harped on for years! Most of her celebrity clients and even she took to these press-on’s that last for a few weeks. However, it depends on how you’ve applied them.

Gone are the days of the old sticker- glue process from the 80s. Hanna swears by nail guards thin and can be used between the nail and the glue, facilitating hassle-free removal; sans harming the nail plate. You need to pop them on, and your manicured hands are ready in flat five minutes.

Replace Medical-grade Salt Facials for The Spa Facial

Traditional facials have four mandatory steps- cleansing, exfoliation (extraction included), and massage, followed by the mask process. Enter treatments like DiamondGlow and HydraFacial, some coveted options that facial enthusiasts now vest their faith on. Plastic surgeon Greg Chernoff, an MD based in Indianapolis, says that Skin Renewal Therapy is a rich amalgamation of medical technologies, where you get medical-grade treatment and not merely a parlor facial.

Micro-grain natural sea salts are dragged onto the skin for exfoliating, and topical and customized serums are then applied to penetrate through the layers. An ultrasound treatment follows next to tighten the skin. The last step is the LED phototherapy, which is different for each skin type. Patients dealing with acne and scars, aging issues, and inflammation concerns should opt for this.

Replace Platelet-rich Plasma for Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix

We’ve often heard of PRP. There’s something new now on the table called PRFM, with no FDA approval yet. But doctors love it. Irene Gladstein, the oculoplastic surgeon at New York, says the difference between the two lies in a single protective layer or scaffolding that begins after the platelet-rich fibrin matrix is supplied.

It’s this that boosts the stability of platelets. Contrary to PRP, wherein platelets barely last for a few seconds to minutes, this one is all about enveloped platelets that sustain inside tissues for several days at a stretch. Dr. Gladstein had himself witnessed hair re-growth, skin rejuvenation, and lightning of under-eye pigmentation by resorting to this.

Replace Brow Lamination for Micro-blading

Perm for your brows? Oops! But that’s what brow artist Giselle Soto says. Brow lamination is fast catching now, and micro-blading is no longer in vogue. This is the perfect solution for those who intend to get thicker, fuller, and more arranged brows. Soto said that lamination emphasizes the natural eyebrows’ hair. There’s no harsh chemical process involved, but you can now attain your much-desired look using lamination.

It would be correct to say that micro-blading is akin to “semi-permanent tattooing,” which would have lasted a couple of years. However, in contrast to that, lamination would simply ‘comb-over’ the sparse regions and straighten out unruly hair. The results would last you for a shorter period- say six or eight weeks. But the good thing is you can do lamination in isolation or combination with micro-blading.

Replace Silicone Micro-droplets for Silicone Injections

These ‘silicone injections’ might remind you of 90s TV stars’ fake lips, but that’s not safe or even legal at present. Doctors have moved over to silicone micro-droplet injections for patients grappling with chickenpox marks or acne scars. Howard Sobel, the New York-based dermatologist, vouches for its safety.

Silikon 1000 is a medical grade and approved by the FDA for medical treatments. Tiny increments of Silikone are used in the process. since the treatment is permanent. It will stimulate new collagen in the process, so ensure you do this less frequently (if you must).

Note that these come without a certain level of risk involved. But most are safe and worth taking the risk if done under medical supervision.

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