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Five Anti-Aging Supplements That Actually Work!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something like a fountain of youth, or better still, no such thing as aging at all! Well, we all don’t have the blessing of everlasting youth, and with time will come fine lines, wrinkles, damaged joints, and frail bones. But the good news is that there are supplements that do work and help you age gracefully! Here we take a look at five supplements that really do help you age healthier and fitter and positively more youthful if you stick to them!

Coenzyme Q-10

While our bodies do produce this enzyme naturally, we all know that with age comes some common diseases and also generally a slower production of hormones and enzymes by the body. Aging alone decreases the production of coenzyme Q-10. But if you happen to be on statins (cholesterol-lowering medication), then your Q-10 levels are further reduced by this medication.

Fortunately, a 30 to 200mg dose daily is all it takes to have you benefit from this protective antioxidant and to enjoy the better transformation of fats and sugars into energy in your system, and prevention of cognitive decline. We’re in!


If you have a habit of sipping on a glass or two (no more) of red wine with your dinner, then you’re on to something! The polyphenol compound called resveratrol found in the skins of berries and grapes is present in high quantities. Is red wine, and this compound is said to be very beneficial to health? Studies say that red-wine drinkers have fewer health issues from fatty diets, and in animal research, resveratrol increases the life span of fish, fruit flies, and worms.

Blueberry Extract

Scientific research shows that blueberries are a health powerhouse! These small berries are bursting with a promise – they helped rats navigate better through mazes in experiments, helped mice avoid Alzheimer’s-related behavioral problems, and even extended the life of worms! In adults, those who consumed blueberry juice daily boasted improvements in memory and cognitive function.

Research shows that Anthocyanins in the blueberries that are responsible for the benefits. A minimally processed supplement manufactured form whole and preferably organic fruit are best to benefit the most from blueberry supplementation.


Turmeric is a magic spice that you likely have lying in your kitchen. The humble turmeric root is an ancient spice long used for giving curries a warm yellow color, but even longer used in Ayuverdic medicine and ancient healing for its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits and as a protective antioxidant. It is a member of the ginger family, which is rather evident when you look at the root as against the ginger root, ad it has the power to help aid in shielding your body and system from a range of aging conditions.

Even occasional consumption of curry has been proven to yield better mental health than in people who didn’t consume curry at all. There is no daily dosage, per se, but about 1g a day is a good start. Try getting creative and adding it to your yogurt, salads, and even sipping on turmeric milk sweetened with honey before bed.


Many of us likely have a few shortfalls in our diet from time to time, and multivitamins are a great way of covering up these shortfalls and nutritional deficits. Research supports that multivitamin supplementation may lead to a longer and healthier life. The study tried to understand the telomere lengths in the body of those who took multivitamins vs. those who did not. Telomeres are protective caps situated at the ends of chromosomes that tend to shorten with age. Research shows that people who took multivitamins regularly had longer telomeres. This is most likely because of vitamin C, E, and vitamin D in multivitamins.

We live in a culture where there is a lot of pressure placed on aging people to preserve their youthfulness. And there are hoards of people in search of anti-aging remedies. However, it is not about the external appearance, but the person that you are on the inside. When it comes to aging, sticking to a course of the right supplements will have you shining and young! What’s the use looking decades more youthful, but not being able to get out of your seat. So, make sure you’re fit!

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