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Five Anti-Aging Packs From Your Kitchen!

With every passing day, we are growing old. And with the passing days, the signs of aging start appearing on our skin. While there are numerous ways to slow down the aging process, most of them have a lot of chemicals or are expensive. This is one of the reasons why most people do not go for anti-aging treatment. If you are one of them too, don’t worry. While you cannot stop the aging process, you can slow it down. Here’s how you could do it with products from your kitchen.

Honey with Sugar

Honey is an excellent cleanser for your pores and skin. While sugar is a natural scrub, it helps remove the dead cells naturally without hurting the skin cells. It thus helps you look young and fresh. You can make a scrub at home by mixing a few sugar spoons with some honey and gently massaging it onto your skin.

Scrubbing and gently massaging your skin in a circular motion not just removes the dead cells, but also boosts circulation. When the skin has better circulation, the skin looks supple and young. Besides that, scrubbing also removes the dirt in your pores and helps your skin breathe better, which in turn fosters skin health and makes you radiant.

Banana with Olive Oil

Banana is a simple fruit, but did you know that it’s great not just for your body but also for your skin? This is one fruit that needs to have a permanent place in your beauty kit. Take a banana or two, make a paste out of it and add a few drops of olive oil to it and massage it onto your skin.

Leave it on for a few minutes until it dries up and wash it off with cold water. Vitamins A, B, C, and E, zinc, and potassium in a banana is instrumental in reversing the signs of aging. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that helps your body glow naturally from within and reduces signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. As this is full of natural ingredients and has no chemicals, you could use it twice a week and get optimal results.

Grape Juice with Rose Water

A cold glass of fresh grape juice on a hot summer afternoon is something everyone loves. But did you know that it could do more to your body than quench its thirst? Grapes are rich in antioxidants and anti-aging components. Regularly consuming grape juice will ensure that your aging process slows down.

Polyphenols, a chemical in grapes, not just slows down the aging process, but also enrich brain, color, and eye health too. Take a cup of fresh grape juice, green or red, and mix it with a few drops of rose water on your face. Do this regularly and wash it with cold water after a few minutes.

Tea with Ginger

Ginger is rich in antioxidants, so it boosts your body and brain health. Besides that, it also reverses the aging process and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Take a few spoons of tea and boil it in hot water. Make sure you don’t add milk and sugar to the concoction. Add a few slices of ginger or ginger juice to the tea.

Let the mixture cool down and apply it over your face. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off with cold water. It will not just reduce the signs of aging, but also slow down the process significantly. You could do this two to three times every week to notice significant results.

Aloe Vera

How could there ever be an article on beauty with home remedies and not have a  mention of aloe vera? Aloe plant is rich in healing properties and can reduce the signs of aging within 90 days of consistent use. Regular application of aloe vera gel increases the collagen levels in your body and hydrates the skin naturally.

Try to get a fresh leaf of aloe vera and scoop out the gel and use it to your face and skin. Or buy some over the counter and use it every day. You could wash this off with cold water after leaving it on for a few minutes. Doing this will reduce the signs of aging significantly within three months of use.

However, these are not the only ingredients in your kitchen that will help you slow down the aging process.  Make sure you eat a lot of healthy foods. You should also drink ample water and get adequate sleep to make sure your body slows down the aging process naturally.

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