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Find Out About The Best Anti-Aging Technology On the Market!

Even after years of painstaking care of your delicate skin, there comes a time when the inevitable happens, and you begin to see the signs of aging creeping up on you. While some couldn’t care less and embrace every wrinkle, crow’s feet, and age spots, others are in desperate search of anything that can work to fight for their youth to last as long as possible!

The beauty industry is booming thanks to the concept of maintaining youthfulness, and there are many serums, products, cosmetics, and invasive procedures that help women who crave for youth. Here, we take a look at how technology has developed to offer some easy-to-use at-home devices that offer non-invasive alternatives to anti-aging!

JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser and the Arbonne Genius Ultra

These clever little gadgets will set you back about $250 but do wonders to set you up for fantastic skin! The infusers are not specifically an anti-aging device, but it is one that makes use of ultrasound technology to improve your skin’s ability to absorb the product. This means that every drop of anti-aging serum, moisturizer, depigmentation cream, or any other product you have splurged on will be used to its maximum! That means no more wastage because you’re getting the biggest bang out of your buck for all your skincare applications.

How this works is that you apply your product onto your clean skin as usual and followed by a gentle massage of the brand’s specially formulated conducting gel onto the plate of the device. Switch the device on and run the plate over the areas where you have applied the product in circular motions. The JeNu has one vibration setting and does not stand up on its own, while the Arbonne Genius Ultra stands up on its own and features three various vibrational settings for your preference. The Genius Ultra may even be a couple of dollars cheaper if that’s what you are looking for!

Skin In. Optimizer Voyager Tri Light

This adorable but powerful little device will cost you $265, but the benefits are visible immediately. The Tri-Light is an LED anti-aging tool that has been designed to offer three different benefits which come from three different light settings. Each light color is designated to fix a specific skin issue or cater to a specific need. The red LED light boosts the skin’s collagen production, resulting in visibly plumped up and contoured skin and of course, to soften fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The yellow LED light is designed to even skin tone and results in a visibly brighter complexion and lightens pigmentation and scarring. The blue LED light is designed to reduce acne. The bonus is that this device can be used after you have applied the product to your face so you can combine your favorite serums with the power of LED for a dramatic result!

 Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Spectralite Faceware Pro

 This incredibly sophisticated-looking device is basically a large, hands-free LED mask — and don’t worry because it was cleared by the FDA. The mask makes use of the same principles as the LED Tri Light below but has the bonus of being easier to use as it requires three minutes of shut-eye and nothing else. The red and blue LED lights smooth wrinkles and kill acne-causing bacteria. The device does not make use of the yellow light as with the Tri-Light, and so it does not have the benefits of lightening scars or pigmentation. But it doesn’t come cheap! This mask carries a price tag in the range of $440.

 Stacked Skincare Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller

Meet this humble but effective tool that you will simply love to have on your dressing table! This little device can lead you to tightened pores and fewer wrinkles as well as help diminish blemish scars and pigmentation. The positive results have been supported by many users. The device achieves all of this through a roller of several micro-spikes that gently exfoliate the top layer of the skin and work to reveal a refined, radiant complexion from beneath. Enjoy softer skin and smoother skin at a fraction of the cost of the other three items of this list (about $30) – and it is completely safe, too!

Don’t delay any longer – try out one of these fantastic devices and add them to your skincare collection! Your skin will thank you!

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