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Face Fillers: Take A Look At Why You Don’t Need to Fear This Anti-Aging Procedure!

We have all heard about facial fillers, haven’t we? We know which celebrities are getting them, which ones aren’t, and which ones are considering it. Perhaps, you even know of people who have fillers or maybe know of people who know people with facial fillers! Whatever the case, there’s no getting away from this hit anti-aging beauty trend. But then, how safe is it and should you get one, too? There are so many questions and myths that surround facial fillers. We’re here to clear up the facts on some of the biggest myths surrounding this practice!

Fillers Are Not A Substitute for Cosmetic Surgery

There was once a time when this may have been true, but that was a decade and a half ago. Today’s technological advancement has turned this into the biggest myth! The current advancement in facial fillers are at a stage where the injections can be used to target the whole face instead of just a part of it. Plastic surgeons have pioneered and developed a gold-standard technique for filling injections which takes into account 13 anatomical areas of the face — something like an anti-aging roadmap! Plus, you could even say goodbye to the ‘turkey neck’ with fillers without a neck lift. It’s now possible with filler injections!

Everyone With Fillers Looks the Same

Gone are the days when you have to take a picture of your favorite celebrity and ask for that smile, that nose, or those eyes! Your face is unique, and you will be treated so. You have to consider the natural proportions of your face and work with what you have for the best desired result. Engaging with an experienced professional will take away all the work from your hands, and the decisions can be made by a more knowledgeable person, ensuring that you retain your identity and your aesthetics – the features you were born with and make it just better!

It Hurts Too Much

If you’ve been considering fillers but you’re reluctant out of fear that it would hurt, you have nothing to fear! Well, if you have done laser hair removal or bikini wax, then you have actually undergone more pain than what a properly performed filler injection procedure will put you through. Being beautiful comes at a couple of sacrifices, and if you need fillers to feel beautiful, then it will come with a few pinches here and there. Nothing alarmingly painful, though. The most likely place for you to feel sensitivity is on your lips as the lips are highly sensitive. This can easily be remedied by applying a bit of numbing cream, though.

The Downtime

There isn’t any! The great thing about fillers is that you actually don’t need to take any downtime as you would if you were to undergo a cosmetic surgery. You could literally walk right out of the surgery room and into your office or to the beach if you wish to. While everyone is certainly different and some patients do experience slight bruising and a little swelling, it wouldn’t put a dampener on you for weeks as surgery would. Fillers can last for up to 2 years, so that’s great news, too – no going back to the dermatologist anytime soon!

It Will Be Obvious That You’ve Had Work Done

This may be true for badly done fillers, but if you do your research properly and make sure that you’re having your fillers done by a renowned dermatologist, you’re good to go! Properly injected fillers are practically impossible to detect and you will not sport the puffy or overly-inflated look that you imagine happening in the worst-case scenario. If possible, it is a great idea to go to a dermatologist after speaking with a couple of patients they have worked on because before and after photos are sometimes doctored by unprofessional practitioners. Use your discretion and do your homework. However, the great thing about fillers is that if you actually end up not liking the results, the procedure is actually reversible. Perfect isn’t it?

It’s completely natural to be nervous about something you have never done before, and if you are considering using fillers to boost your confidence or persevere your youthfulness, then there isn’t anything to be afraid of. Ask as many questions as you can to your dermatologist until you are comfortable before going ahead. Also, know that beauty comes from the inside, and you really don’t need to feel pressurized into getting any work done at all – you’re beautiful already!



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