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The Most Expensive Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments

No one can fool time, but some people are lucky enough to evade traces of aging. Over the years, people have developed better ways of looking younger than they actually are. Although there are many anti-aging products on the market, only a few of them are effective and worth a try.

Although the treatments in this post are really expensive, that does not stop people from availing them due to the desire to look young. While some people resort to invasive treatments that involve scary procedures, others prefer non-invasive ones. 

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”] “Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.” – Linden Tyler [/su_quote]

Here are innovative treatments to lessen effects of sun, wrinkles, turkey neck, and others:


Each session of electrolysis hair removal costs $60. The procedure is said to be more painful than laser hair removal but kills every hair follicle permanently. The downside is that the procedure is very slow — it may take up to 50 sessions before you see the results you desire.


The cost ranges from $90- $400 depending on whether it is a small or a large area. Laser hair removal has to be repeated until the hair follicle is either damaged or removed. At least four sessions are required, depending on the thickness of the hair.


This type of treatment is a laser resurfacing technique that tightens the skin dramatically while removing dark spots caused by both acne and exposure to the sun. The average cost of the treatment is $2,000. People who have undergone this procedure have remarkably shown not only softness and firmness but also an even skin tone.


Are you willing to spend as much as $1,000 to $5,000 to undergo thermage skin tightening? This therapy uses heat pulse to tighten the skin on the neck, face, arms, legs, eyelids, and buttocks. It works through radio-frequency, and it lasts for 30 to 90 minutes. Although it is expensive, it is a safe way to tighten sagging skin without surgery.


This is a laser therapy to reduce the dark patches below the eyes, and it costs around $500 to $800 per session. Although it an inherited trait, these patches become pronounced as you age. By undergoing this therapy, you are less likely to be mistaken as a modern zombie.


The price of derma fillers ranges from $500 up to more than $1, 500.Filling up using your own body fat is more expensive than using collagen fillers. After the procedure, the treated area becomes softer and fuller besides having a younger appearance.


This is a simple yet effective process of erasing acne scars and smoothening a rough skin surface. The price varies depending on the expertise of the dermatologist performing the said procedure. Approximately, it costs about $750, but it may include other charges to cater for prescription medications and anesthesia. Note that this is not something that you can do at home.


Botox is a popular and affordable treatment that creates a smooth look by reducing wrinkles and frown lines on the face. Although it seems inexpensive, it requires 14 to 20 injections — $10 each. Good results show after the treatment which may need annual touch- ups.


The process involves the removal of the top layer of the skin, and it is effective in removing scars and tattoos while smoothing the skin at the same time. A plastic surgeon (or a dermatologist) ‘sands’ your skin, using a specific tool, allowing for a fresh layer of smooth skin to cover the affected area. The cost of dermabrasion depends on the body part, but it is estimated to be up to $4,000 for large body parts. 


Compared to dermabrasion, this is a less invasive technique that costs from $ 75 to $ 100 per session. It involves spraying miniscule exfoliating crystals on the surface of the skin. This treatment is best for people with brown spots, age spots, and dull skin. Although it requires multiple treatments and consultation, it is worth it, particularly if you have acne.

The way you make yourself young and beautiful is up to you!

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