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These Divas Are Defying The Aging Process – Here’s Their Secret

If you think that French women are the ones who know the best ways of skincare today, you are wrong. The fact is, no one can take care of their skin better than the Koreans. The Korean beauty industry has garnered attention from all parts of the world over these few years and rightly so. There are two reasons why this has happened. First, a Korean skincare regime is quite complex and involves a 10-step routine. Secondly, Korean cosmetics are devoid of any American-made ingredient. If you are really serious about your skin and want to ward off anti-aging, the Korean way is probably the best way. Dive in to know the details.

A Good Skin-Care Regime Has No Connection With Age

If you talk about Korea, skincare is nothing short of a lifestyle there. Korean girls get to know a lot about skin-care from their moms and as they grow up, they imbibe all the intricacies. Hence, the Korean women become quite aware of the importance of a good skin-care regimen by the time they step into their 20s, or maybe earlier.

The Total Skin-Care Regime Involves Around 5 To 10 Steps On An Average

Koreans are known all over the world for their intricate 10-step skin-care regime. But, if you count on a daily skin-care routine, the majority of the Korean women go through some simple five to six steps. Daily essentials that are included in the routine include a toner, double cleansers, moisturizer, essence, and of course, a sunscreen. The other remaining steps such as using sheet masks, exfoliators, and sleeping masks are availed generally once or twice in a week. People lead a busy lifestyle nowadays, and that’s the reason why a number of companies are churning out multi-function products. The advantage you get is that you can easily sail through two or three steps by availing a single product. That’s nice!

Anti-Aging Is Nothing But Prevention

Korean women prefer prevention to fix skin problems. If you go through the list of ingredients in Korean make-up primers, essence, and moisturizers, you would surely come across a host of anti-aging ingredients. Women in Korea start their skin-care routine at a very early age, most preferably in their 20s. Thus, availing anti-aging ingredients from an early age reaps huge dividends in the later stages of life.

Undergoing A Cosmetic Procedure Is Pretty Normal In Korea

Women in Korea have no inhibitions whatsoever in disclosing that they have undergone a cosmetic procedure. As a matter of fact, they have a feeling of pride that they have accomplished it. You will be surprised to know that Korean parents gladly gift cosmetic procedures to their kids for their achievements in life. People throw parties for any lady who has got plastic surgery done. Strange, but true! Surgeries such as Botox, fillers, and similar stuff are absolutely common and the ladies avail them before they attend weddings and other ceremonies in order to look their best. One more interesting fact is that not only the women, the men too avail Botox. Oh yes!

Korean Women Prefer Not To Stay Loyal To Any Particular Brand

Korean markets have thousands of brands that deal with skin-care and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if it’s said that the majority of them are in demand. However, Korean ladies don’t prefer to stay loyal to any single cosmetic brand. While some women go for the established and expensive brands, others prefer to stick to the smaller and upcoming ones. It needs to be mentioned that all products, whether big brands or the new ones are popular in their own way. The established products have a name in the market. But the new brands are gaining quite a good reputation over time. With that being said, the ladies here, mostly assemble their beauty products from a number of brands. You would see the majority of Korean women doing this. It’s not surprising as they are the ones who know which would suit their skin best.

These were the five Korean anti-aging beauty hacks that are quite popular all over the world. More and more people are trying out their skincare regime, the Korean way and getting fabulous results too. So, what are you waiting for?

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