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Dermatologists Would Be Out of Business If Everyone Followed These Tips!

Dermatologists won’t tell you the best tricks to looking younger longer. Of course, if they did this, they’d lose their business! Here are the simplest yet handy tricks on aging better over the years. Adopt these tricks today for a better complexion in the years to come!

Sleep on Your Back

A dermatologist can tell you which side you sleep on. That’s because sleeping on your stomach or your side causes a furrow over one side of your face. It also results in more wrinkles!

So if you would like to keep wrinkles at bay (and who wouldn’t), you should start sleeping on your back. Of course, you might snore this way, but at least your skin will be youthful and radiant!

Don’t Crank Up the Cardio

You may be hitting the treadmill for an extra hour or two r=today to melt those extra pounds, but know that the less fat you have under your skin, the older you could look as you age! More athletic and thinner people tend to look older than their obese counterparts, for example. However, this isn’t to say you should be obese to look younger, of course! Just maintaining a healthy percentage of fat is enough to do wonders for your appearance. Fat isn’t as bad as you think of it to be! We all need a little fat to be healthy.

Skip the Sunshine

It isn’t a coincidence that most people tend to have more sun damage on one side of their face if they are drivers. It is common for people behind the wheel to forget about applying sunscreen or using a UV shield on their window for the harsh sun. However, if you spend a lot of time in your car, your skin could suffer UV damage. Consider keeping a tube of sunblock in the car and a foldup UV shield for the harsher days as well. Wearing a long-sleeved loose short can help protect your arms as well.

Stop Juggling Skincare Products

While we all try out different products for our ever-changing skin, it is widespread for people to give up on skincare products only too quickly. However, it takes 21 days for a skin cell to produce in the body. This means for it to make its way to the top of the epidermis. This means that any product you try will have to be used for a minimum of 4 weeks for you to start seeing a visible difference.

You have probably wasted many products by throwing them out too soon! Next time you change your moisturizer, count out four to six weeks before trashing it.

Don’t Underestimate a Wax

Many people don’t realize the impact of proper brow wax! When done properly, it can shave years off of your appearance. Properly shaped brows can help you appear younger, happier, and even friendlier in some cases! They take just 15 minutes, and they are thousands cheaper than a brow lift, but achieve a similar result when done well! Also, there are many great options for people with sparse brows, like tints and micro-blading and the like. These simple procedures can have you walking out the door with movie-star eyebrows in no time!

Trust the Drugstore Brands

Don’t fall into the trap that you get what you pay for. There are skincare products that cost an arm and a leg and still more from your wallet but have the same active ingredients as some drugstore brands. There are famous and trusted names like Aveeno, Neutrogena, and Olay that are really inexpensive and yet effective. You will find one that you love as the competition is high, and there are many trustworthy brands to choose from for your skin type.

Keep Calm

The less you frown and put an angry face on, the better! If you are constantly frowning, you will eventually have the deep furrow between your brows and look angry all the time!

There’s no hanging your face around easily once that happens! Avoid a trip to the surgeon by simply keeping calm and happy. Laugh-lines are far more aesthetically appealing than frown lines!

It is the simple, everyday things that we do make the signs of aging creeping up on us all too soon. Those tiny mistakes make all the changes to the aging process.

You can avoid these signs for as long as possible by picking up better habits and merely paying more attention. It is worth it!

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