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This Is Why You Should Consider Drinking Red Wine Every Day To Fight Aging

Aging creates panic in men and women alike. The first symptoms of aging like wrinkles around the eyes and mouth crop up once you reach the age of 25 and that happens due to gradual changes in skin pigmentation. Though you all try hard to cover the wrinkles up with cosmetics and makeup, you all know that aging is unavoidable. But yes, you can definitely decelerate aging and that’s within your capacity. More than natural masks or skincare products, red wine is by far, more effective against anti-aging. Resveratrol is responsible for the red color and is a perfect remedy to avoid untimely symptoms of aging. Let’s see the following benefits of red wine:

Skin Whitening

Consuming a moderate amount of red wine daily assists in sustaining proper body shape. Not only that, red wine is brilliant in gifting a woman her health and beauty back. Grapes contain polyphenol which triggers metabolism and minimizes dark skin pigmentation. Wine is much more potent than Vitamin C and Vitamin E, in decelerating aging. Red wine prevents wrinkles by diminishing and eliminating the free radicals in our body, preventing early aging.

Acne Prevention

Red wine is effective in getting rid of acne. Resveratrol present in red wine lessens the growth of the acne-causing bacteria. In addition to that, Resveratrol arrests swelling and tend to reduce the effect of dark spots and scars due to the presence of AHA. Red wine aids in maintaining the oil balance in the skin, diminishing the excess oil that acts as a catalyst in the formation of acne. Utilizing red wine as a face mask eliminates acne and decelerates skin aging.

Blocking Ultra-Violet Rays

It is a well-known fact that Red wine is richly laden with anti-oxidants that are potent to shield the skin from the harmful ultra-violet rays, that can permeate through the skin, causing sunburn and wrinkles and can even be a major cause for skin cancer. Red wine helps in diminishing the chances of skin cancer and also decelerating the process of aging. Working as a sunscreen remedy for skin protects the skin from all kinds of harm from numerous external factors. Though it is always advisable to use sunscreens, red wine adds on in being the shield for your skin.

Growth Of Life Span

Red wine has miraculous attributes. Another major benefit of red wine is a growth in your lifespan. The majority of people think that wine is injurious to health and can be a major reason for many diseases that can lead to death. This holds if drunk beyond permissible limits. Wine should be consumed only for the benefits that are added to it. Resveratrol and Tannin in red wine aids in increasing life expectancy. As per research, Resveratrol is actually capable of averting the risks of cancer, hypoglycemia, and other heart-related diseases. Generating energy, a red wine actually is healthy for consumption within limits.

Fights Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is a type of chronic disease that causes memory loss and hampers various other mental functions. It generally, not always though, affects people aged 65 and above. Resveratrol, present in red wine helps to synchronize any age-related disruption or disease. In cases of memory loss,

Resveratrol penetrates the blood barrier that is present in the brain, thus affecting the brain positively. Beta-amyloid protein is considered to be a major cause of Alzheimer’s. No consumption of Resveratrol means the level of beta-amyloid protein in the blood has fewer chances of coming down. Thereby making red wine the perfect solution to fight back Alzheimer’s.

Red wine, without hesitation, has phenomenal benefits. It is good for health and aids in decelerating the aging process. Protects the skin from numerous external factors and shields it from harmful ultra-violet rays. Red wine also helps in skin whitening and acts as a catalyst for the prevention of acne and is anti-inflammatory. It diminishes the risks of cancer and contrary to popular belief if taken within limits, can actually accentuate the lifespan of a person. But, in addition to the aforesaid attributes, red wine fights back Alzheimer’s and helps in regulating any age-related risks that crop up. A daily intake of 125 ml of red wine will provide the desired benefits for sure.

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