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Butterfly Gua Sha For Skin Toning? Is That What You Use, Kristin?

There was a time when jade rollers became coveted possessions for most skin-conscious people. Now, these rollers are no longer rarities. But essentials. Ask any ardent skincare lover, and she will tell you how she (perhaps) swears by the product. While we have numerous skincare products, especially anti-aging lotions, potions, and serums. Jade rollers have permanent spots there. Besides the rollers, there is something else too – gua sha.

What Is The Hullabaloo Over ‘Gua-Sha’?

A popular Chinese medicine tool used in the traditional days, this new age gua sha doesn’t merely tone the skin or roll above it. It actually scrapes off the skin, the outer damaged cells. Naturally, you get far more control over your skin compared to a roller.

In addition to that, it has the ability to go ‘skin’-deep and target even the minute regions. Manufacturers are using amazing crystals like rose quartz in the recent models of most gua sha products. Perhaps you can check Kristin Cavallari and how she flaunts that in her Instagram story!

The Kristin Cavallari Connect

Celebs endorsing a certain product, brand, or any service implies even we wish to live our lives. And that was no different when Cavallari showcased before the world how she massaged her skin and kept it ageless using the rose-colored, butterfly-shaped gua sha. The internet world was almost taken by storm and to be honest, most of us wanted one. Kristin, all of 34, is one of the trending American TV personalities at present with a terrific fan following for her stints in acting and fashion designing. It was 2004 when she shot to fame and there’s no stopping now. The star made a much deeper impact on the audience after she appeared in her reality series- ‘Very Cavallari’.

List Of Never-Ending Benefits

The best thing about Kristin’s massage gua sha was the 100% rose quartz material that has far greater healing properties than most others. Energy-wise too, it’s known to release stress, cure heart pains and even develop a mental and spiritual connection with the rest of the world. From the physical standpoint too, it imparts a cooling effect on the skin (better if you stock up in the fridge before use).

That’s not all! The real work begins after you start scarping using the rose quartz gua sha. From helping fade the fine lines, to reducing puffiness, improving blood circulation, and also assisting in the lymphatic drainage that eventually provides a radiant, healthy glow- this one does it all.

It activates the facial muscles by several notches creating a lifting effect for the skin. Try using this when you have a severe headache or relieve yourself from jaw tension and see the benefits it offers. For a much better feel, use it along with oil or serum and it’ll glide on the skin smoothly.

Why Invest At All?

Design-wise too, the gua sha is a winner. Yes, it looks cute. But the shape is equally important for that helps you reach and massage varied zones of the skin rather effectively. The space at the bottom of the butterfly-shaped gua sha will actually glide perfectly on the eyebrows, and then the round section is what you need for the smile lines. Inward there is a curved section that will reach for every portion of the neck. Similarly, you can target several other parts of the body using this. What you shouldn’t forget is cleaning it after each use.

A product looks fetching when it comes in an alluring package. And this gua sha inside a beautiful box is a win-win thing already when it arrives in a gift box. The ros quartz is undoubtedly the most preferred one. But you can find variants too – like the one in green aventurine is another common pick. This one helps protect the heart chakra, besides rendering all such physical benefits that it offers.

If you are new to this, chances are you would feel skeptical making the first move. Read up more and check out some videos and vlogs too. To put it even better- you wouldn’t regret the purchase. After all, it’s a different level of happiness to start scarping or taking care of your skin, in a ‘celeb way’!

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