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A Beginner’s Guide To A Proper Anti-Aging Skincare Routine!

Investing in yourself is a good move to make. Being fit makes you feel better, eating well makes you have more energy, and an anti-aging routine makes you look better! However, standing and looking at the number of anti-aging products in the form of moisturizers, cleansers, serums, toners, treatments, masks, and more can be intensely overwhelming. Here, we take a look at a skincare regimen based on advice from Dr. Michele Henry and Dr. Shani Darden. This is a regimen that is easy to adopt and adapt, perfect for you at any age and completely customizable!


This is the product you will be using morning and night as your first step in your facial regimen, so selecting a good cleanser that you are happy with is essential. Ensure that you select a cleanser suitable for your skin type so that it isn’t too drying or leaves your skin greasy or itchy. Washing your face just once daily is not enough to keep your pores clean and prevent breakouts. A gentle cleanser won’t strip your skin of much-needed natural oils. Preserving these oils goes a long way in preserving the integrity of your skin as you age.


Right after cleansing your skin and neck, it’s time to swipe on a refreshing toner. Toner is a good product for acne-prone or oily skin, but there are toners that have been developed for all skin types. Anti-aging toners often make use of natural extracts from plants to boost nutrient absorption to the skin and even offer brightening and tightening benefits, depending on the product you choose. Many people skip toner in their regimen, but if you can afford it, squeeze it into your routine to benefit from the step in the long run.


Serums are notoriously expensive, but that is because they are highly concentrated solutions of a powerful antioxidant and active ingredients that work very effectively to reverse the signs of aging in your complexion. You can go a long way in protecting your skin from free radical damage and hydrates your skin with a good quality serum. Serums also help correct skin problems like dullness, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

Facial oil

It is amazing what a drop or two of facial oil can do to your skin! Facial oils may be used either under your daily moisturizer or your night moisturizer and offer added protection against dryness, especially in harsh or cold weather when humidity is low. Facial oil also helps to rebuild the skin’s elasticity, keeping you looking youthful for longer! Hydration is important to avoid fine lines and wrinkles from forming!


Finally! Time to slather on that luscious moisturizer. Many people go straight from cleanser to moisturizer which is alright if that is what you are happy with. However, caring for your skin is a good investment, and you shouldn’t let laziness or a high price tag deter you. Save up and spend a few extra minutes on your skin before putting on your moisturizer and see if you see a difference. A good moisturizer for anti-aging is one that has many antioxidants and is specifically formulated for aging skin.


You are probably tired of hearing it, but the sun really is the primary culprit when it comes to premature aging. Protect your delicate facial skin with a good SPF and steer clear of oxybenzone if you are concerned about chemical sunscreens. Try several testers until you find a sunscreen that doesn’t leave you looking or feeling greasy.

Face Mask

When you find the time to squeeze in a face mask, do it! Anti-aging face masks are designed to give your skin a boost of ceramides, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to support collagen production and smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles. Besides, it’s a good excuse to lie back with your eyes closed and take a breather!

Eye Treatment

The skin around the eye is a staggering 40% thinner than the rest of your skin on your face, and so it goes without saying that it requires extra attention. Eye cream is specially formulated to hydrate your eyes and helps make wrinkles less noticeable while preventing more from forming. Investing in an antioxidant-rich eye cream will go a long way in keeping your skin looking youthful!

Adopting a skin care regimen may sound like yet another thing to add to your to-do list, but take a few minutes to think to the future when your skin is more aged and you are facing issues you thought you never would. It isn’t any use to one day say, “I should have“. Make the change today and invest just a few minutes every day to help your skin stay younger-looking and healthy!

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