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Anti-Aging Skincare Tips From Influencers Who Are Aged Over 50

That “age is just a number” is a mindset that needs to be adopted and believed. At least influencers aged 50 and above, who have offered their invaluable titbits here, certainly believe so! One look at their smooth, radiant skin and, of course, their fan following. You can gauge it’s largely to do with one’s positive philosophy about aging. Nothing gets better than having a slice of an idea about what keeps them so glowing, so youthful in all these years. Here are few secrets from influencers over 50 who shared tips and tricks about “looking (and feeling)” so confident, young and energetic.

Grèce Ghanem (54)

It’s all about the state of mind, as per Ghanem. Retaining that much-required sense of humor and staying confident and interested in new things in life. Besides that, continuing with activities that help one be in tune with the child in us, matter most, according to Ghanem. Her skincare routine is two-fold – inside and outside. Mornings are ‘elixir’ times – she needs a rich blend of warm water, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, a drop of lemon, and Himalayan salt, after which she drinks a big glass of water.

She sticks to some of the best cleansers that suit her skin. But that’s not enough! The 50s is a time when you can reap the fruits of your labor if you’ve put in solid work during your teens. She believes that skincare happens inside, including nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, regular exercises, and definitely, water. Most importantly, no one should go to sleep with makeup.

Lorraine Ladish (56)

Right from the age of 12, she has exercised, which included dance, swimming, running, and at present – doing yoga. Lorraine felt she would have crumbled down in 56 had not done all these to keep up the shape. Her morning and night regimen comprised of washing the face religiously and moisturizing the skin. Eye cream became her staple in the 20s, and then finally, with time, she included serums. She suggests using hydroquinone and Retin-A. Also, Cetaphil she felt was a much effective and inexpensive option. However, she had also resorted to few in-office treatments, like Sculptra.

After four vials in the last few months, she has another one to take, which has boosted her skin texture by several notches. The fact she’s active physically implies she might need extra dosage to see some noticeable results! That’s not all. For her forehead lines, she had used Xeomin. She has lines around the eyes too, but that’s normal. Also, she thinks of getting an eyelid lift before turning 60. As much as she has no qualms admitting to what she underwent, she doesn’t believe in looking comical or even in her 20s. Ladish suggests wearing sunscreen for the most part. She had always taken good care of her skin from the start, and that shows.

Arlinda McIntosh (62)

What is important to sense is that the term ‘young’ is relative. Since we’re all senior or junior to someone or the other in this world, there’s nothing to lament or rejoice about it! The best thing would be to focus on feeling positive from the inside by monitoring the energy we obtain from our foods. In terms of her skincare routine, she kept a warm washcloth on the face – both AM and PM so that the skin stayed relaxed and opened the pores before cleansing.

Rose-hip oil is her savior! She swears by it for being the best cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer, and even hot oil treatment. However, if given a chance to go back in time – she felt young Arlinda would have benefitted manifold had she included more water in her regime. And along with water, the use of raspberry seed oil acts as a great antioxidant. It also protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun, the biting cold, wind, pollutants, and more. Using it daily works wonders.

Getting access to such amazing skincare tips from the pros is akin to blessings! And the sooner you incorporate these in your schedule, the better you will live and also feel. Start following the biggest anti-aging influencers on social media as their lives are a big example of how following a routine can turn the clock back for anyone.

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