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Which Relaxation Techniques These Celebrities Use To Relax and Reduce Their Stress

We battle stress in every walk of our life, but we all have our little ways of dealing with it. However, sometimes things slip out of our control, and we feel clueless about how we could relax. While there is no denying that there are thousands of ways to relax, sometimes it just doesn’t help.

But there are ways to relax and unwind that you might not have tried yet. In this article, we bring to you some such relaxation tips that our celebrities swear by!

If a celebrity can relax despite their hectic schedule using these tips, we are sure they could help you too. Amidst their hectic schedules, some of them talk about their novel and not so novel relaxation techniques. Do give these a shot, and let us know how you feel about them!

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley likes to follow simple techniques to relax. This includes a yoga session that spans between 15 to 45 minutes. While this doesn’t seem like much, research suggests that yoga’s regular practice helps a person greatly destress and rejuvenate.

Besides that, she washes her face often to cleansing and nourishes it! She calls it a day by reading a book and sipping a hot cup of tea. We believe that’s a great way to end a day, rather than spending hours staring at our mobile screens. We say so because it helps you gradually turn off the chaos outside and get into the space of total relaxation.

Shonda Rhimes

Are you someone whose definition of relaxing is just sitting by the window, sipping a hot cup of tea, and staring at the wonders of nature? Well, you are not alone! The gorgeous Shonda Rhimes swears by this technique too. The actress unwinds after a hectic day by sneaking in some quiet moments to herself. She likes to spend her evening enjoying luxurious baths and reading quietly. And yes, she considers the bathtub the holy zone in her home, where she can relax without getting disturned.

Emilia Clarke

Emilia ClarkeEmilia Clarke agrees, and she says it candidly, bathtime is a ritual in the true sense of the words. Put in those relaxing Epsom salts, wait for it to dissolve completely, and breathe in the heavenly scents that waft through the air. She isn’t too fond of bubble baths. She’d much rather soak in the bath and wish that she can soak in for at least three hours.

Carrie Brownstein

Carrie likes to read to unwind. Research agrees that the glowing screen of your gadgets may stop you from getting restful sleep. Most of us are too much into our gadgets to tear us away from it.

The ideal way to do it is to stop using gadgets at least an hour before you hit the sack. Carrie insists that looking at a gadget just before sleeping may disrupt your sleep time. But she may sometimes feel too tired to do that and let Netflix and a Breaking Bad episode lull her to sleep. Aren’t we all guilty of that?

Yoko Ono

Walking is one of the best ways to relax and get rid of immediate stress that may overwhelm you. Yoko Ono agrees walking around may not be a feasible idea for most celebs. If you have too much going on in your mind, she suggests walking around, out into nature for relaxation. Walking costs us nothing and boosts health significantly, so why not do it rather than spending a fortune on the gym. You could also use gadgets like music and step tracking apps to relax and reach your fitness goals at the same time!

Walking is a cardiovascular exercise that can help boost endorphin levels and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The next time you feel unduly stressed and feel there is no escape, grab your walking shoes and head out. There is something intensely calming about nature.

Sometimes even staring out of your window and staring at a patch of green may help, but we agree with Yoko, walking is one of the best exercises ever, for your mind and health. Strange how the simple things in life work, yet we do not give it its importance. So, these were simple and effective tips from famous women around the world to relax and rejuvenate. What’s yours? Share with us in the comments section below.

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