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Five Ways you Can Give Mental Health a Priority and Happiness a Chance!

Diets, exercise routines, we discuss everything under the sun when it comes to physical health. So why do people clam up when we talk about mental health? We may suffer from different issues and may even get overwhelmed and bogged down by the varied turn of events but it is important to chin up, face the music and come out of it like a warrior!

It is important to give your mental health as much as a priority as physical health, for all we know you may get up early in the morning, go for a run, eat healthily. But if you aren’t taking care of the stuff that is happening in your headspace, well you may look healthy from outside but may feel far from it from inside! Do something every day to help feel great from the inside! It isn’t too difficult you know, we give you five amazing hacks to focus on your mind! Feeling great was never so easy!

Have a conversation with yourself!

Sounds strange? Umm, don’t worry! It is a great way to perk up your mind and tell yourself that you are doing great. Sometimes we are overly critical about ourselves and we need to change that about yourself! The opinion of others matters, but not so much as your own. Simple things such as getting up early in the morning, looking at your mirror, and saying to yourself, you look great!

Ignore the flaws that stare right back at you and instead notice only the positive things. Give yourself a pat on the back! Go ahead, do it, and let no one speak you out of the self-appreciation zone! You don’t need a reason to be happy, do you? You are just happy because, well you are happy! Go ahead hum that infectiously addictive tune, ‘because you are happy.’ Crazy, yes but it just sets the mood!

Do what you love! Underrated yes! But hits home every time!

Love what you do, do what you love! Confused much?! Well, let us explain it to you when doing what you love those happy hormones come from nowhere and make you feel quite giddy with happiness. For us, it is dancing. Every time we hear that click of heels on the polished floor we say, hey stress can you be gone already?!

Or maybe hula hooping and laughing silly every time the hoop falls on the floor!  Or maybe try and cook a new exotic dish ‘ cause cooking is therapeutic, there is something about the coming together of ingredients, the aroma that clears the cobwebs in the mind! Don’t forget to put on some great music, while you are at it! You would love it, we are sure.

Disconnect to connect!

Yes, even oxymorons make sense sometimes! If you are stressed and anxious we suggest you disconnect with the world around you, top scrolling on social media, and start being more in tune with your inner vibe! We don’t think it does your confidence a world of good when you compare yourself with the perfect-everything posts that crowd your social media feed! Everybody’s journey is different so why cause distress to yourself by comparing yourself with others? ‘You’ matter and everybody else can just take a hike! Okay, at least for the time being.

Strengthen your inner circle

Sometimes when the anxious thoughts and stress become a little too overwhelming for comfort, lean on your friends and family for support. Having a conversation, doing stuff together, just getting out to grab a coffee with your bestie can help break that chain of negative thoughts that threaten to rob away your peace of mind. Yes, it helps! If you cannot go out you can even call a friend or a relative and suddenly silly grins and loud laughter can chase away the blues in a jiffy!

Ask for help

Seeking help from a qualified professional helps big time, there ain’t no shame in seeking help from people who can diagnose your problem, and treat it accordingly. They use several hacks to combat the current problem and slowly but steadily help you manage things better.  They will help you pursue that silver lining and nudge the black clouds away. Why wallow in sadness when you can feel soo much better? As we say, time and time again give happiness a chance!

There are other hacks that you can try, such as meditation, simple breathing techniques that always help, and any physical exercise that comes to your rescue when the going gets tough and the tough get going! Back yourself and you are going to get out of this for sure! You’ve got this.

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