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PRP Therapy – the Cosmetic Procedure That’s Tried and Trusted!

Recent advances in medicine and research have revealed that the human body possesses remarkable self-healing qualities. Among the many forms of regenerative medicine that exist, platelet-rich plasma therapy harnesses the body’s self-healing abilities.

It uses it to accelerate the natural growth factors that the body uses to heal tissue. Plasma is the liquid component of blood, largely made up of water and proteins. Platelets are the clotting blood cells that possess other healing functions. The body’s healing ability leans heavily on platelet activation.

What Is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP therapy, is a treatment option that makes use of a series of intravenous applications of a patient’s platelets. The injections accelerate the healing of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. PRP injections thereby, capitalize on the patient’s healing system, using it to improve musculoskeletal issues.

The contents for the PRP injection come from the patient’s blood in a centrifuge. This is to produce a substrate with concentrated platelets. After activation of the platelets, the inject it directly into the afflicted areas. Or in the regions with a diseased body tissue that needs treatment. However, if necessary, one can use ultrasound imaging to guide the injections.

Applications of PRP Therapy in Anti-Aging

In dermatology, PRP therapy has many applications. Aging is a result of many factors, resulting in exposure to UV radiation and pollution over time. The skin eventually loses its elasticity and the youthful glow we typically find on youthful skin. The topical application of PRP is popular to result in stimulation of the rejuvenation process, by means of collagen production, among other processes within the extracellular skin matrix.

Besides this, PRP therapy is popular for treating dark circles around the eye area and wrinkles around the eye area.PRP therapy is thus a booming trend in aesthetic medicine.

The Vampire Facial

PRP is also popular as ‘the vampire facial’ and has gained popularity under this nickname. Celebrities are popular for posting pictures of their blood-smeared faces, to the alarm of their fans and the general public. However, with PRP treatments becoming more mainstream, the vampire facial no longer has negative connotations attached to it and is a highly sought after treatment even by the typical spa-goer.

Risks Associated With PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is not a treatment without risks. The most common associated risk with PRP therapy is that patients may suffer continuous bleeding. This is commonly seen in patients who have conditions such as thrombocytopenia, anemia, or insulin-dependent diabetes. Therefore, people who suffer from these conditions are not fit for PRP therapy.

Should you have any concerns about PRP therapy, you can check for the presence of any platelet function disorders. You can also check for clotting disorders before engaging in PRP therapy.

What to Expect From Cosmetic PRP Therapy

When PRP therapy happens by deep micro-needling. The skin is typically red and there is superficial bleeding. However, this clears up in 24 hours to 48 hours after the treatment. The results of PRP treatment are not instant, as the results are usually visible a couple of days after the therapy. The results also build over time, as the growth factors kick-start collagen production. The skin thus becomes firmer, smoother, and more evenly textured with time after the treatment.  PRP therapy is usually recommended in three treatments, one month apart.

This is for long-lasting results. No preparation is necessary for PRP treatment, either. This cosmetic procedure is non-invasive too. This is great for those who are queasy about invasive aesthetic procedures. PRP therapy is best performed on patients when they are in their late 20s, as a treatment in later years only treats signs of aging.

PRP therapy is an effective aesthetic medical treatment that has improved sagging skin, scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. What makes PRP an attractive anti-aging therapy is that it is natural, allergy-free, and fairly safe. While PRP did not originate as a cosmetic application, it is now popular for its dramatic results.

However, if you have never heard of PRP, now’s the time to take a look into this wonderful tried and true anti-aging treatment. If you’ve heard of it before and didn’t know about how great it is, now you do! Go ahead and book an appointment!

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