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Nutrition Guide 101: Eating Seaweeds Might Be The Best Decision You Have Ever Taken

Seaweeds are the best flavorful, nutritious, and sustainable foods that can benefit the health and keep the taste buds stay alive. Seaweed has been prominent in Japanese cuisine for ages. It is taking American restaurants and packaged foods by storms.

Dieticians are recommending this food for being low caloric, crunchy, and salty taste. Many years ago, it was quite difficult for a person to find seaweed, but special thanks to the World Wide Web, shopping stuff online is convenient and saves time.

Dried seaweed on a wooden plate

Nutrition Notes

Seaweed is packed with minerals and pot full of vitamins A, B, and E. it is also full of nutrients, including magnesium, copper, potassium, and iodine. Just like fish oil, it also has Omega-3s and other nutrients that provide protein and fiber.

It has been calculated that there are 100 significantly distinct types of seaweed. Few of them are as under.


It is kind of an entrance seaweed. It can quite literally be seen in sushi rolls and in other forms as sheets.


It is an east Asian cuisine which acts as a dominant ingredient in dashi that is prepared to make a Japanse soup. The powder of this seaweed can be added to kelp noodles and smoothies.


It is present in most salads, which mainly comprise of seaweed. Miso soup is also made form Wakame.


This is the best seaweed out there, as it is sold dried often flaked or in a powdered form. Some people have the idea that it has the taste of bacon.

How can it be consumed?

Although there is a trend of using seaweed in sushi, though there are many other ways in which you can enjoy seaweed.  You can consume it while putting kombu in the dish while making dried beans. The plant helps break the sugars that cause gas while eaten. Usage of kelp seaweed in slaws can add a bit of salty flavor to it.

How to buy seaweed and from where?

The only kind of seaweed that is easily accessible in the market is Nori sheets. One can always look for online shopping websites, at Asian marts, or at stores that sell original items. Almost every easily accessible seaweed is sold in the dried form and can be consumed by adding it to the warm water first, to maintain originality. While kelp is the only seaweed that is sold in the frozen form, which means that it doesn’t have the need to be added in warm water to acquire its originality.

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