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Should You Go For Hormonal Therapy To Defy Aging?

Do you think the fountain of youth is a myth? Well, an NFL star and his wife were injecting human growth hormones that were prescribed by their doctor, and they noticed unbelievable changes in their lives and both vouched for the fact that they felt 20 years younger. For many people, getting injected with hormones in low doses has been the solution to their aging problems. Can you opt for this therapy to defy aging? Let’s find out.

Why are hormones considered so effective?

In case you are surfing through the internet for anti-aging solutions or going through books penned down by Suzanne Somers, you are probably already well-conversant with all the benefits of hormone replacement. Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA production takes place in the adrenal glands and is the forerunner for progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. The production of this DHEA reaches its peak when you are in your 20s, and the levels decline as you grow older. Some specialists are of the opinion that supplemental DHEA has the ability to boost strength, immunity, and energy. The human growth hormone or HGH is produced in the brain’s pituitary gland and is known to support growth in your childhood. It also helps maintain tissue and organ maintenance. When HGH is taken by an adult, there happens to be an increase in muscle mass and libido and a reduction in body fat. The results are remarkable! However, side effects such as swelling of legs and arms as well as muscle and joint pain have been noticed in some people.

Hormone therapy should depend on the case

Traditionally, physicians have supported hormonal therapy for women going through menopause. However, there are experts who are of the opinion that prescribing hormones is more or less a complex decision. The body’s hormones work according to nature’s laws. It might be a bit uncomfortable for some, but as per medical science, some of your hormones are bound to decline as you age. It’s a natural process, and if you meddle with that, you have to take care of the entire body and the organs. Each and every human body is different from one another, and people need to keep that in mind, especially when you are talking about hormonal therapy.

Consider hormones as ingredients in food

You might think this is easy, but if you are doubling a certain ingredient in your recipe, you would have to keep the other ingredients in mind as well. The hormones in your body are synced with each other, and in case you are thinking of increasing one, you need to take care of the others. Otherwise, you might have to face a big health issue. This works the same way as nutrients. You simply can’t add calcium and expect that your bones will automatically get vitamin D, vitamin K, and magnesium in optimum quantities. If you are thinking of going for anti-aging hormonal therapy, you must have a detailed discussion with your doctor and get a thorough knowledge about your entire hormone panel and where you stand health-wise.

Tips to balance your anti-aging hormones naturally

Add veggies to your diet as much as you can. Around eight to ten servings of fruit and vegetables will replenish your body and provide the essential building blocks that help in hormone creation. Consuming such a diet will give you almost 3 ounces of protein from a single meal. You can look for a multivitamin that suits your body. Try to stick to it as long as possible. Regular exercising is mandatory as well. This decreases the stress levels in your body and accentuates the growth of hGH and testosterone. Take a massage, get involved in slow walking and yoga, or start deep breathing. All these activities will calm you down and relieve you of stress. Engage in activities that give you joy as they tend to boost DHEA.

Whether or not you are availing hormonal therapy as your anti-aging solution, remember that staying young depends on your lifestyle choices. The magic lies with you. Every person undergoes unique experiences in life, has a set of genes that are unique from one another, and has completely different views about life. Hence, hormonal therapy might not be equally effective for everyone. Make good choices about your health and stay happy and lively.

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