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Are You A Cyclist? Try These Relaxation Techniques To Boost Your Performance And Energy Levels

A bad workout or stretches of insomnia usually lead to a stressed body and mind. Cyclists, especially, tend to exert a lot of pressure on their bodies. This often leads them to be nothing short of an anxious mess and that can have a detrimental effect on their performances too. If you are a cyclist, and you want to deal well with the psychological stress, tight chest, racing heart, shortness of breath, as well as trembling and sweating, you can try simple relaxation techniques. Top mind and body coaches have outlined a few relaxation techniques that can be really helpful for you. Check these out before you hit the road again.

The Body Scan

Many people think it is imperative to check out which side of your body you feel anxiety the most. But, there is hardly any correct answer and you can’t seek a probable solution based on your findings. It’s always better to focus on what’s going on in your mind and body than drowning yourself in stressful thoughts. By doing that, you can prevent yourself from getting worried about anxious and tensed situations. That’s indeed pretty effective and can reap great dividends for professional cyclists who are gearing up for a race.  The more they try this, the better they would feel.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

If you look closely at the participants before a cycling race, you will notice they are taking deep breaths from their bellies. They are allowing their mind to get adjusted to the feeling everything is fine and their body is just preparing itself to take on the challenge that lies ahead. However, the number of breaths you are taking hardly has any specific role to play here. While some people tend to prolong their exhalations, some prefer to take a long breath in and exert a force while breathing out. No issues on that. But, cyclists need to make sure that they take their breath from the core and not from their chest or, in that case, their throat. Several athletes commit this grave mistake and this should be avoided at all costs.

Progressive Relaxation

As you know, sleep is an integral part of your daily routine. A sound sleep always leads to better performance and this has proved many a time. Moreover, it also brings around improvement in the overall health. When you feel that your racing mind is not letting you focus, you can apply certain techniques like clenching and then releasing each muscle group in your body. You can start from your hands, move on to forearms and wrists, upper arms, biceps, face, chest, and your stomach, and then concentrate on your lower legs. You can do this vice versa, starting from your legs and then move up to your hands. This contraction and relaxation will help you get rid of any tension in your muscles and bring your mind and body to a relaxed state.

Mini-Progressive Relaxation

Chilling out in the midst of a rigorous workout session? Who would of thought? If you are not being able to hit the target as you have planned, it’s not your lack of effort that should be blamed. Rather, it’s the tension in your muscles that are preventing you from attaining the desired results. Relax. Put aside some time during the recovery phase to tense and then relax the shoulders. As an alternative, clench your fist with anger and gradually release them. Put your entire focus on your body and follow the necessary steps to get back to the here and now. Simple.

Autogenic Relaxation With Visualization

Injuries lead to stress. The fear of not being able to perform better brings your mind to a chaotic state. Aside from being tensed and anxious, you have the fear of getting sidelined and substituted. Well, that’s certainly not good. What you need to do here is relaxing your muscle group one after another as you inhale and exhale. This particular relaxation technique is known as autogenic relaxation. Try this out to alleviate any kind of stress you are having and getting back to a positive frame of mind.

The more you practice these techniques, the more you would stay calm and relaxed. You would steadily move forward and get your body back to its original position and get ready to be in the thick of the action once again.

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