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Is Technology At Your Workplace Affecting Your Mental Health?

Technology has done wonders to human lives. It has developed the planet in ways we never even dreamed of before. Smartphones are an integral part of our life, and we simply can’t do without it. In fact, even robots in warehouses have brought about an unbelievable change.

There are endless examples of how technology has revolutionized everything around us. However, as each and everything on this planet has pros and cons attached to it, technology has its downsides or rather a dark side which not many even realize. It can seriously affect your physical as well as mental well-being. We are surrounded by gadgets and it’s creepy to even think how technology is silently taking a toll on our mental health. If you are someone who is exposed to technology at your workplace, read on to know more.

Technology Is Available Round The Clock

The constant presence of technology in our lives helps us keep a tab of whatever is happening around us, in our city, in our country, or around the world.

We can reach out to our loved ones within a matter of minutes. A number of startups are being able to invest a lot more in technology and reap dividends. All these factors make technology an integral part of our daily life. However, have you ever thought about how easily your boss can contact you even if you are long out of your office hours? You might need to take a video call during your free time or reply to a text message that you have received from a client.

This implies that you are never off from work. The fact that you are so easily accessible to your boss might put you under stress. All managers need to realize that there exists a cut-off point for employees as far as communication is concerned, but sadly, that doesn’t happen all the time.

Overexposure to Blue Light

If you keep staring at your computer screen throughout the day, eyesight issues are bound to crop up. Aside from that, you won’t get the zeal to do anything else once you reach home. Fatigue sets in and that’s definitely not good for you. Exhaustion can force you to underperform and consequently, you will have to face the wrath of your boss. Workplaces are incomplete without laptops and PCs and their effects on the employees are more often in the negative. People working on computers have always been advised to take breaks from work on a regular basis, but the majority of them don’t pay heed which is a wrong move. Excess screen time affects your mental as well as your physical health. Plus, sitting in front of the screen for long hours without proper back support will lead to back problems and strain injury.

Your Mind Is Connected To Technology

When you are having direct contact with technology, your mind fails to switch off. It’s tough to realize, but in your subconscious mind, you are always alert and can easily make out when someone is sending you e-mails and messages. This can lead you to endure more stress. You can’t stop thinking about your work even after you have left your office premises hours ago. As a consequence, you fail to wind down and keep work out of your mind until the time you reach the office the following day. Such anxieties weigh your mind down and you lose the potential to lead a normal life beyond work. This is something you seriously need to worry about. Even in the absence of technology, work can be stressful, but the levels are far greater when technology is involved.

How Can You Heal Your Mind?

Try not to let yourself and your phone be accessible all the time. If you can and your lifestyle permits you, just keep your phone out of reach sometimes. You don’t need to check it at regular intervals. Rather, designate a particular time for it. A better option is to leave your phone back at home and go for a short trip. You will automatically feel rejuvenated because you won’t be constantly checking your phone or scrolling through your social media accounts.

Maintaining good physical and mental health is absolutely important for anybody in order to succeed and maintain peace and composure in life. Of course, technology has done a lot of favors to human life, but staying away from your gadgets sometimes won’t do you any harm. Rather, it’s exactly what you should do!

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