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Anti-Aging Secrets For Blissfully Lazy People

Getting good skin takes a lot of hard work. All those anti-aging product commercials you see on TV want you to believe that you just need to apply some cream or lotion on your face once a day and you will start seeing the results sooner or later. However, staving off the signs of aging requires following a consistent anti-aging regimen and you may just have to use a cleanser, a sunscreen, a night cream, herbal extracts and so on. However, if you are too lazy to follow a skincare regimen consistently, here are some easy-peasy and most basic anti-aging secrets for you.

How Lazy Are You?

Before we proceed to the cheat sheet, let’s be honest for once. Remember that nobody is judging you here. Just identify your level of laziness first so you can pick the right product and skincare regiment. If you almost regularly remove makeup and you apply a moisturizer cream almost every day, you are kind of a lazy person. If you seldom use a sunscreen lotion or a moisturizer (for example, if you used a moisturizer many weeks back), you are really a lazy person. If you are just reading this article for the sake of reading, congratulations! You are the laziest of all! Here, you will find anti-aging secrets for all three levels.

If You Are Kind Of A Lazy Person

It’s true that you are lazy, but you at least follow some kind of a skincare routine. You apply moisturizer and wash your face almost regularly, and you don’t forget to remove the makeup. You just need to level it up. According to Mona Gohara, a renowned dermatologist, retinol is a great product which you can apply as it helps to slow down the aging process of your skin by decreasing the gradual breakdown of collagen. It helps in smoothening the skin wrinkles and preventing new wrinkle formation. You can also add Vitamin C to your anti-aging skin care regimen as it can protect your skin from all the environmental damages. You just need to apply a pea-size amount of retinol every night but start slow as retinol might be a bit irritating for your skin at the beginning. Apply Vitamin C to dry and clean skin only and before applying your makeup.

If You Are Too Lazy To Apply Anything More Than A Moisturizing Cream

Admit it or not, you are a very lazy person when it comes to applying anti-aging skincare creams. First things first, dispose of any cream which has already expired. Pick up an anti-aging skincare moisturizer which would work as a two-in-one night moisturizer for you. The products often contain a generous amount of retinol, and if you apply these creams regularly, you can actually speed up the process of new cell formation and get a smoother and brighter skin within a few days. Retinol-rich moisturizers are actually far less irritating than pure retinol, which means you won’t be having skin irritation issues from day one. However, bear in mind that retinol usually takes three to six months to reduce the fine lines noticeably, so you have to be patient.

Your Laziness Level – Legend

You didn’t wash your face for a whole one week, eh? You are officially the laziest of all lazy people. But everybody has to start taking due care of their skin sooner or later. You know very well that you can’t commit to a consistent skincare regimen. Therefore, a once-weekly antiaging skin care treatment is just the right thing for you. Instead of retinol, apply glycolic acid, which is an AHA or alpha hydroxy acid which can effectively remove the fine lines and the dark spots from your skin even if it is used once every week. Of course, this anti-aging ingredient is not as helpful as retinol. Do not use the product more than once in a week and try to find products which contain the lowest amount of glycolic acid. To use a glycolic acid-rich product, wipe a pre-soaked pad over your dry and clean face. After that, wait for one to three minutes (the more sensitive your skin is, the less the waiting time) and rinse off the cream. Try to use a hydrating moisturizer right after rinsing it off. Do this only once a week.

So that’s it. By now, you know how to take care of your skin depending on your level of laziness. Good luck!

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