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Here Are The Top Five Android and iOS Apps You Can Try in 2019 To Help You Relax

If you cannot stay away from your smartphone for even an hour yet you want to relax, you now have plenty of options as there are certain apps that can help you relax and meditate. Yes, there are Android and iOS apps for relaxation, too! The first rule of relaxation is to have no distractions and that includes turning your smartphone off. However, software developers have come up with meditation and relaxation apps that would make it more difficult for you to keep away your phones while relaxing. But if you’re still curious, here are the five best relaxation apps you can try out this 2019:

The Mindfulness App (Android And iOS)

The aptly named The Mindfulness App is one of the best designed and most accessible apps. It offers guided meditation of varying time periods from 3 to 30 minutes. You can choose from a selection of narrators to guide you through the relaxation or you can do it without a narrator. The interface itself is calming and offers lots of features. Much like the other apps on this list, The Mindfulness App offers an introductory series for free to get you started with a few meditation tracks included during download. If you need more than that, you can pay £7.99 a month for unlimited access to its premium library.

Headspace (Android And iOS)

Headspace, a British app, is a candid app and is just the thing for apprehensive beginners who are looking to start meditation. The interface is quite straightforward and packs quite a lot of features in it at the same time. The standout among them is the Take 10 feature. Take 10 is a set of ten 10-minute meditation exercises for the amateurs. The app also has courses for more dedicated users. It was even endorsed by Emma Watson and comes free of cost but after the Take 10 is over, you will have to pay £9.99 a month or £74.99 a year if you want to keep using it.

Buddhify (Android and iOS)

With a snappy name, this app is one of the most efficient apps out there. It is also the only app on our list for which you will have to pay entirely upfront. It costs $2.99 for Android devices and $4.99 for iOS devices. Buddhify offers over 11 hours of custom meditation courses tailored to a specific aspect of your daily routine. Its theme-based guides based on what you are doing at the moment or how you are feeling is very helpful and unique. Buddhify is one of those apps that would help you stay mindful even when you are busy.

Calm (Android and iOS)

The next app on our list features aesthetics that evoke serenity which makes its name quite apt — Calm. The app offers a free seven-day relaxation course after which you will have to pay $10.71 monthly or $40.19 for a year. Once you pay many other features like 21 days of calm, 7 days of happiness, and 7 days of focus, to name a few, are available. An individual session lasting 2 to 30 minutes called Daily Calm is also available. Calm was Apple’s favorite app of the year back in 2017 and has been burgeoning in popularity ever since. The app has become so popular that a mini-industry has developed beyond it. You can even buy add-on products to get better sleep.

Smiling Mind (Android And iOS)

Even though anyone can use this app, Smiling Mind was specially developed, keeping kids and young adults in mind. The app has relaxation courses dedicated to different age groups. Kids can also use this app to improve their concentration, patience, and brain power. The app comes free of cost and is a great way to calm down your unruly kid.

Like it or not, modern life is rife with mountainous social pressures, tight deadlines, and disparaging politics. The sheer amount of pressure we have to handle at work and at home take a toll on all of us. Therefore, relaxing after a hard day’s work becomes essential. If you can find the perfect digital technologies that aid in relaxation and meditation, you can easily be at leisure. However, if you hate staring at your screen once you are back home, go take a walk in the park or simply go outside and take a deep breath. Mother Nature knows how to heal your pain and stress.

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