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Decoding The Royal Anti-Aging Secrets: Living Life Queen Size!

Queen Elizabeth has one of the best genetic makeup ever. Her mother lived till 101, and we hope the Queen celebrates her centenary too. But good genes need the right environment too. Yes, most of us can accelerate the aging process by smoking, eating poorly, not exercising, and feeling overstressed, not the ideal environment to support good health.

Successful aging is a combination of including good daily habits and stay disciplined throughout. Is Life not only about breathing? You have to ensure you maintain good health and vitality till you breathe your last. The Royals in general and Queen Elizabeth, in particular, have been able to stall aging and how. So, here are some antiaging secrets that you should dig into.

Regular Exercise

The people in Britain are big on walking, and the Royal family is no different. They loved going for long walks around the grounds of Balmoral, where they stayed during the summer vacations. The Queen’s love for walking is shared by her mother too. The Queen keeps her activity levels high with horseriding too. Horseriding has numerous health benefits too.

So, how much exercise should you put in to stay healthy as the Royals? Even a 30-minutes walk a day can help lower your blood pressure levels and reduce stress levels. So any activity you do counts, even if it is for thirty minutes a day. The idea is to stay active throughout the day.

 Keep Mentally Fit and Agile

Queen Elizabeth is still functioning as a head of state involved with high-level meetings, and for that, she needs to remain mentally alert at all times. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher mentioned the Queen’s mental acuity in memoirs. She said that the ministers had to take their meetings very seriously with the Queen as she is razor-sharp in her meetings and very business-like.

The Queen likes to keep herself abreast of whatever has been going around the world. She visited the Google headquarters in London, as she was curious to know all about the Internet. She is with the times and connects with her grandchildren through email. Like the Queen, you can try various things to keep yourself mentally agog. This includes engaging yourself with work, doing puzzles, strategy games, reading, dancing, or attending music classes. Something invigorating as indulging in debate and conversations can help you stay sharp as well.

 Eat a Variety of Foods

The typical British diet is mostly high on fats and carbohydrates, but not for the Royals who like to keep it healthy and includes plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains.

This is an anti-inflammatory diet that promises maximum benefits and promises longevity too. Queen Elizabeth generally eats a diet that includes meals prepared with fresh vegetables, games, and poultry.

She also includes fish on her menu regularly. Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Charles is big on organic farming, so healthy eating is not a tough task. The queen also has a balanced menu that includes balanced meals prepared fresh.

Drink Tea and/or Barley Water

High tea at 5 p.m. is a British staple, and the Queen enjoys tea too. Tea has numerous health benefits, antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti–heart disease properties. Various teas have various benefits. Green tea is the healthiest tea out there. No wonder the longest living persons, such as the Japanese, love their tea and keep sipping green tea throughout the day.

Also, there is another drink that the Queen dotes upon. That’s Barley water, Barley water in which there are two lemons, six oranges, and brown sugar and tada you have the perfect drink to sip on to increase your longevity. The Queen owes her peaches and cream complexion to this healthy elixir.

Barley is chock-a-block with insoluble and soluble fiber. The good kind of fiber that is great for your gut health. Barley water is great for the kidneys, especially for people suffering from kidney and bladder issues. You can make large quantities of the drink, keep it in the refrigerator, and sip it throughout the day.

The Queen also ensures she gets her regular health parameters checked to help diagnose any underlying problem and treat it right at the onset. Also, the Queen keeps herself stress-free by indulging in various activities and staying connected with her near and ones. Well, no wonder The Queen continues to thrive in her nineties by eating right, exercising, by that we mean walking a lot and by just keeping herself busy. Well, the formula is simple, move more, eat right and bust stress! If the Queen can do it, we can too, right?

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