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Working Out At The Gym? Don’t Make These Five Mistakes!

If you are concerned about your weight and have already taken steps to do something about it, congratulations! You are on the right path, and the fact that you have realized it and are willing to do something about it is the first major step. The rest will follow and fall into place. The two things that even a layman understands about losing weight is that you need to control your diet and exercise regularly. While walking, running, and swimming are great cardio work-outs, our body loves variety. So, going to the gym can help a lot since you can do various kinds of exercises there, including strength-training which is very much necessary for weight loss and overall body fitness! Though gym work-outs are largely manageable even without a trainer, there are a few mistakes that we tend to make on our own. Especially for people above the age of 50, certain things need to be avoided, and if you know them before you’ve even started your gym routine, and it rings a warning bell, you might want to stop. Find out the mistakes many people make that lead to either deadly injury or health issue later on!

Pushing Yourself Too Much

When you are working out, you have to remember to stay within your limits. Of course, pushing yourself and setting a new challenge can be good, but increase the level of difficulty gradually, and never all at once. Going to the gym is like climbing a ladder — you can’t skip a couple of steps to reach the top. It is easy to get carried away, especially in group activities with competitive individuals. If you feel uncomfortable doing certain things, or if you’ve pushed yourself to hard and ended up hurting yourself, then you must communicate that to the instructor, if there is any. Otherwise, just stop doing it, and see your doctor later to check if everything is fine.

Forgetting to Drink Enough Water

A case of dehydration is not common among regular gym-goers or athletes because they know the importance of hydration. But, there have been instances when some of them had to be rushed to the emergency section due to dehydration. As you age, your body needs even more liquid than before. When your body is in dire need of water, it is wrong to keep exercising for so many reasons. The body suffers from lack of water, and at the same time, it cannot recover muscle or heal tissue. Experts say that an hour before working out, you must have plenty of water, and just 15 minutes before you start, one glass is a must. Also, as you keep exercising, have one glass of water every 15 minutes.

Holding Your Breath

While working out, we often tend to hold our breath while doing a particularly difficult step of exercise. This is wrong! When you do yoga though, breathing plays a very important part, and there are poses where you actually need to hold your breath. But if you are working out in a gym, and you hold your breath for quite a while, then you might suffer from Valsalva EffectWhat happens during this effect is that your blood pressure gets high and then suddenly goes low. This may lead to sudden nausea, feeling of faintness, and even blackouts. Also, when you hold your breath, it builds up the carbon dioxide in your body which makes us tire easily than normal. There are certain breathing techniques for every exercise, and try to familiarize yourself with these to avoid any complications.

Following The Same Routine Over and Over Again

One of the best things about the gym is the variety you get for your routine. For example, there is cycling and treadmill for a cardio workout, while the elliptical helps in working out the muscles – the biceps, triceps, quadriceps, and even the muscles of the heart. You should also do strength-training through weight-lifting, and aerobics or pilates for cardio again. It has been found that when you start exercising, your body loses some weight, but if you continue doing the same thing after a certain period, the body gets used to it, and though you stay fit and maintain a weight, you don’t lose any. However, if you change the pattern or intensity of your workout, you will get better results.

Now that you know what you should be avoiding while in a gym, it might be easier to concentrate on what you should be doing. In a bid to complete your quota for the day, don’t speed through it. Take your time, and you can avoid injuries to your body!

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