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Weight Loss Quacks To Avoid

If you are one of the millions of people who are struggling with obesity, you are likely to come across many weight loss quacks trying to sell you a miracle weight loss product. They make claims about how good they are and how you can shed the unwanted pounds in a jiffy.

You are with this warned not to fall prey to these weight loss quacks; they are nothing more than quacks. The New York Times recently published a report that the federal trade commission had charged four weight-loss companies with fraud because of deceptive marketing practices and false advertising. The companies agreed to pay $34 million as customer refunds to thousands or millions of people who purchased their weight loss products.

It is unclear whether the companies were asked to shut down, but even if they were, they are likely to reappear with a new name and a new sales gimmick; they will begin the cycle of fraud and deception all over again. If you want to lose weight desperately, contact your physician for some advice instead of spending your money on these products.

What are the products being promoted by weight loss quacks?

The following are some of the most common weight loss products that have been promoted by weight loss quacks.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”] “Everyone is selling something, if you can’t see what people are selling, maybe you’re the cart.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel [/su_quote]

 The hCG Diet

Such was the popularity of this fraudulent product that people were falling over themselves to purchase it. We spoke earlier about contacting your physician for the advice you need for losing weight. However, he or she suggests the hCG diet, you better walk out of the office and look for another physician. The hCG diet claims you could lose 10 pounds in a week with a low-calorie diet comprising of just 500 calories per day. You just need to get a shot of the hCG diet or use the oral version of this fraud to lose the extra weight. The manufacturers managed to create enough gossip that resembled wildfire. The wildfire subsided with the arrival of The Federal Trade Commission, but the manufacturers fattened themselves. As such, the refunds they are giving out are minuscule compared to the profits they made.

 Sensa Products

This is one scam that caught the attention of all people who were obese and wanted to lose fat without any efforts. Sensa was a magical dust that you just needed to sprinkle on the food you were having, and that’s it.

The manufacturers claimed the dust would make you satisfied with the food you had and would lead to eating less. It was a load of crap that only the gullible could believe and mind you they did by the thousands. The manufacturers made $364 million, only to be ordered by the FTC to return $46 million— just a fraction of the amount before filing for bankruptcy.

The manufacturers claimed that the dust would make you satisfied with the food you had and would lead to eating less. It was a load of crap that only the gullible could believe. Mind you, they made $364 million and were ordered by the FTC to return $46 million. They returned a fraction of the amount before claiming bankruptcy.


Dr. Oz liked açai berry and claimed it had nutritious properties. LeanSpa went a step further to claim that it could boost your metabolism and make you lose weight. They even promoted news stories to prove they were telling the truth—ye all they were doing is promoting a lie.

This was the largest fraud on natural food products, and people fell for it like there was no tomorrow. The manufacturers were caught promoting fake weight loss products by making similar claims and were stopped, but they returned within a year with the same product under a new name.

 Stay Away From Being Victimized

If you want to lose weight the best way, get on a diet and have plenty of exercises. If you attempt to work with weight loss quacks, you are not likely to lose anything other than that of your hard-earned cash.

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