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Three Negative Diet References That You NEED To Avoid In 2019

Everyone loves food. Period. However, it’s surprisingly popular how much people are prone to hating themselves because of it. There’s absolutely no need for such trains of thought and no need for such a toxic environment where people are supposed to feel bad for eating what they want to eat.  Unfortunately, that’s what diet culture has done to our society, and people end up feeling down for all the wrong reasons. There’s nothing immoral or intrinsically wrong about eating in different proportions or having different body sizes, and while some of them (mostly on extremes of being thin and overweight) are damaging to one’s health, most of the body spectrum falls under a healthy body.

However, decades of a certain way of thinking has forced us into thinking otherwise, which leaves a large portion of the population feeling miserable, out of place, and generally unhappy about their bodies. This is made all the worse by bringing up various phrases that are related to the way they feel about themselves. It reminds them all over again how bad their situation is (which it really isn’t, by the way). On the other hand, if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t feel happy about the type of body or eating habits you have, you should listen up: avoiding these phrases are going to impact your self-esteem (only in a positive way) and can have the power to make you feel much happier with your life!

Saying That You ‘Feel Fat’

Your weight is nowhere near a feeling. It’s more of a physical attribute and one that shouldn’t have negative connotations, to begin with. However, unfortunately, it does, and that’s what we’re trying to change for the better because you should easily be able to say that you think that you’ve gained a few pounds, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. First off, there’s no real need to tell everyone that, and suppose that you do, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. There’s nothing wrong with it, and whether or not you intend to do something about it is completely up to you!

Making Weight Loss Seem Positive

If a person has recovered from obesity, this is a great thing to say since it’s obvious that he or she has struggled hard to overcome a harmful condition. However, we often tell each other that we look great after losing a few pounds, even though our previous weight was doing nothing harmful to our bodies and health. A lot of people are comfortable having a body that’s not completely thin, and you should respect that! Casually mentioning that they look better just because they’ve lost weight can be downright offensive as it suggests that their worth and objective beauty is proportional to their weight which is not true at all!

Asking If A Certain Dress Makes You Look Fat

This question is wrong on so many levels! First off, insinuating that it’s the dress that’s got the power to make you look fat or thin is preposterous. It also indicates that you go for dresses in which you think you’ll look a certain size, whereas what you should be going for is a dress that’s right for your size. You’re not fitting the dress, the dress should be fitting you. This single question has been the cause behind many fights between couples, so make sure it doesn’t haunt your relationship, too!

Be comfortable with your body size, and even if you’d like for it to be different, you can do it in a positive way without making yourself feel bad. It’ll be a slow process that’ll require patience, self-esteem, and lots of love for yourself! Meanwhile, you should know that no one’s judging you for whatever weight you have. Anyone who does so doesn’t deserve to be called your friend. You’re in control of what your size should be, so relax, be comfortable in your own skin, and don’t bother with looking thinner than you actually are.

Being uncomfortable about your weight can lead to a lot of issues. Remember, you can change your body size whenever you want, and whatever size you have now is also great unless you’re anorexic or obese. You should also empathize with other people who don’t view themselves in a healthy manner and try to help them out as much as possible.

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