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How Snacking Affects Your Body

Want to grab an energy bar? Are you feeling the urge for a mouth-watering muffin? Ah well, a latte in that case? You would love to gorge on them, wouldn’t you? But, you don’t realize how many calories you are taking in without even satiating your hunger. Simply put, snacking is just a stopgap, and you actually turn out to be hungrier than before. Meals, not snacks, possess the necessary macronutrients that your body cells require to multiply. Aside from that, they switch off your hunger hormones and lengthen the blood sugar curve, too.

Do Not Snack When Hunger Strikes

Late night snacking does more harm than good

Go for a full meal composed of greens, fiber, and protein is always preferable to satiate your hunger. Never go for snacks because that’s normally what you crave for; eat only and only when you are actually hungry. You may wonder how to stay without food over a prolonged period of four to five hours and how on earth is it possible not to fuel your metabolism up every three to four hours. Studies reveal that eating at frequent intervals is unhealthy, damaging, and undesirable. According to a recent research, ingesting food every three to four hours leads to premature aging and exhaustion, too. Plus, lesser chances of fat burning implies that your dream of a weight loss will go up in smoke.

Your Body Takes Time To Digest Food

Digestive difficulties and delays can result in weight gain and health problems

Remember, digestion takes its own sweet time. During the whole process, the food is broken down into molecules. These molecules are later on absorbed for future utilization. Complete digestion finishes in six hours. So, in between, if you are hell-bent on snacking a bit, you are asking your body to do you a favor and resume the same process which hasn’t yet been completed from the last time you ate something. Any unabsorbed food gets stored in the body as fat —hence, weight gain. Eating two full meals a day is always preferable as your body gets enough time to respond in a positive way.

Snacks Are Full Of Carbs

The snacks that you gobble up with a smiling face give you enough reasons to cry. These snacks are a storehouse of carbohydrates. As you devour snack after snack, your blood sugar levels rise and release insulin. Additionally, unbalanced and untimely meals have a deep impact on your sugar levels in the blood, causing it up to rise and fall within a gap of three hours. But, a rush of insulin will have already embarked on the damage. This situation will make you crave carbs more, releasing more insulin in the process. Just imagine!

Insulin Increases Your Craving For Carbs

Insulin is the reason you start gaining weight despite exercising regularly

Insulin procures glucose from the bloodstream and transfers it to cells so that the glucose can be properly utilized by tissues, muscles, and the nervous system for proper body function. Being a type of a storage hormone, insulin proves to be a big hazard in fat-burning. In turn, this will lead you to crave for carbs. Consequently, you are helping insulin to raise the sugar levels in your blood. Terrific! So, the more you gorge on junkies and carbs, you are ushering in more damage.

Go For Nutrient-Rich Foods

It is always advisable to go for food high in nutrients. There are various anti-aging food available like blueberries, chocolate, turmeric, and many more. Why should you gulp down carbs when you have such anti-aging fuels to boost you up? These food items are laden with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that will make sure you are in the pink of your health.

Grow the habit of healthy eating

If you want to pile up on those extra carbs and forget your weight-loss goal in the near future, nothing can get worse than that.

All you need is to satiate your hunger at different intervals. But never should you forget that your body needs a break. Six hours is the time you need to give your body for a complete digestion process. Junking and snacking will only lead to a rush of insulin in your bloodstream and a lot of carbs. There is a thin line between craving and being hungry. The more you give into your cravings, the more you pile on unwanted fats, and subsequently, you will definitely gain weight. You don’t want that, do you? We are sure, you don’t.

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