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Here Are the Real Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

When it comes to weight loss, discipline is probably your best weapon to achieve your body goals. You work out relentlessly for months, avoiding all kinds of temptations that might upset your strict diet and lifestyle. But when you check your weight, it is still the same. It might sound weird but though we associate diet and exercise with weight loss, truth be told, it is more than that — losing weight is a psychosomatic process. Your mind is at work as much as your body. If you are already doing what it takes to lose weight, then breaking some psychological barriers should be your next step. So, what are those mental blocks that hinder you from attaining your body goals? Read on to find out!


Negative thoughts have been inculcated in our minds since our childhood. Though society has steadily progressed over the years, negativity has still shaped our minds. That’s why, in some cases, people who don’t lose weight in spite of trying tend to lay blame on their bad genes. People often say, “Everybody in my family is fat, so there is no way I can be slimmer”. Over the years, these thoughts weaken our willpower, and we tend to believe this so badly that we don’t even try to do anything about our weight. Or even if we do, it is a half-hearted effort. In the back of our minds, we keep thinking it is not going to work.


Often, we delay doing things — that gym membership you were about to sign up for or that dance class you really wanted to join. Have you shelved all those projects? IF you have, it could only be sourced to one thing: procrastination. Because of this, you end up coming up with endless excuses to delay your way to weight loss. You keep telling yourself that you’re too busy, too tired, or worse, you can’t be bothered anymore. This kind of attitude will get you nowhere.

Lack Of Self-Control

Not having enough self-control can also be a bad practice when trying to lose a few pounds. It is especially needed since you need to resist temptations like the urge to laze around instead of going for a run or a yearning to eat three slices of chocolate cake. Self-control is almost like your muscles — they need to be exercised in order for it to become stronger. However, that does not mean that lack of self-control leads to obesity. But practicing self-control and saying no to temptations helps in taking decisions in the future.

Low Self-Esteem

A low self-esteem can be disastrous for you if you are planning to lose weight. First, you need to decide for yourself if you really want to make your wishes come true. If you find that your low self-esteem is becoming a hindrance, maybe you should get some help. Talking to friends, mentors, or a family member might help. Try to look for inspiration online, a source of motivation to keep you going.


Many of us resort to eating when we are stressed out. But the thing is, overeating will only make you feel worse than you already do. But working out can help relieve stress. So make the right kind of choices, and avoid binge-eating at all costs. Don’t believe in misconceptions that emotional eating will help you.

Trying To Change Overnight

Often, we think that the path to weight loss has to be dramatic and strict because if not, we’re probably doing the wrong things. But that’s not true! Change doesn’t always happen overnight; more so with weight loss. You can’t just change food habits of a lifetime in just 24 hours. Drastic changes are never a good idea because we might face a relapse and go back to doing what we were doing. It has been found that a slow and gradual change is more sustainable. Making one small change every week works better, and even during bad days, you will be willing to go with the change. What is important here is having the mindset and being consistent in it.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle should be a part of your life and not something optional. Similarly, leading a good life full of gratitude for what you have, helping others, and being content will take you a long way. A healthy body and a sound mind together can do wonders. Not only will it help you with your weight loss but any other lifestyle change that you would like to make in order to stay better.

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