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How To Lose Pregnancy Weight Fast And Effectively

Pregnancy is a beautiful and life-changing experience. Though becoming a parent always comes with slips and falls, it is also unique, fun, and educational chapter in everyone’s lives. Just as your child is learning how to do things by themselves, you are learning from then, too. Being more patient, responsible, and understanding are some of the traits that parenthood teaches you. However, despite all the upsides of pregnancy, most women yearn to go back to their pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth. With all the craziness that goes on in a household with a newborn, it might be very difficult though.

However, it is not right to be too hard on yourself. Comparing yourself with other new moms or celebrity moms is not fair either. We all have different bodies and have our own needs. As for celebrities, they often get a lot of help which gives them a chance to find time to be in the gym for rigorous workouts. Also, they have their own nutritionist who can make a personalized diet chart for them, too. Since, we ordinary folks, can’t do all that, it is best to follow these tips to get back into shape after pregnancy.

Breastfeed Your Baby

There can be no debate about the goodness of breastmilk and what it does to your baby. There are still doubts on whether breastfeeding can help you lose weight or not. But, several mothers would vouch for the fact that breastfeeding did help them get back to their pre-baby weight. Nursing can help you lose up to 300 calories per seating. But, it is also important to remember that you shouldn’t use it as an excuse to eat whatever you want. Breastfeeding does make you hungry; hence, always keep healthy snacks and meals ready to be eaten.

Stop Following A Strict Diet

It might sound strange since we always associate weight loss with a strict diet, but with so many things going on at home, dieting might not be the best thing for you. Following a diet and avoiding certain unhealthy food that you might crave for can actually be an obstacle in your weight loss journey. The key here is to eat healthy when you are hungry, the keyword here being “healthy”. It’s obvious that gorging on chips and drinking a lot of soda won’t help you, but more so your baby because your child is getting all their nutrients from you through breast milk. Having at least 1800 calories every day is a must for breastfeeding moms.

Drink Water

It is no secret that water helps in flushing out nasty toxins from your body. Hence, drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration and to boost up your metabolism. The eight glasses a day rule should be the gold standard. But you can determine your need based on the color of your urine and the number of times you are going to the toilet. If you need to visit the bathroom every three to four hours and the color of your urine is clear, you are good. If not, just drink up!

Get Enough Rest

That might seem like an oxymoron because let’s face it, new mothers hardly get any rest because the baby needs to be fed most of the time. Not all babies are the same as some rest throughout the night while others keep waking up. Then, there are tons of extra household chores to be done which becomes impossible to do with the baby around. Hence, when the baby sleeps during the day, you can’t possibly take rest. But not getting enough rest might add a few extra pounds to your body weight. Hence, the only solution here is to get some help with household chores and catch some zzz’s when the baby is sleeping. Ask your family or friends to help. If possible, get hired help.


Needless to say, exercising is a must for any kind of weight loss. Post-pregnancy, it might be difficult to get enough time, so one suggestion we can give you is to enroll in a “mom and baby” workout class. These are usually fun and give you some time to bond with your little one, too. Also, make it a point to take the baby out on a stroller. Walking every day and getting some fresh air will be great for both you and the baby. Some weight training will do you a world of good, so if possible hit the gym or do it yourself at home using a video with guidelines.

Most importantly, stay positive. New beginnings are bound to bring much more happiness in your life. Hence, be patient with yourself and the situation. It will all pass.

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