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Fitness all Day – keeps the Doctor Away

Fitness is key to good health, and not just physical fitness but mental as well. In today’s world, most of us are leading sedentary lives, working from homes, working from offices, most of it involves sitting in one place, or at the most, walking from a cubicle or room to another. This is a major reason why we need to increase physical activity in order to maintain good health and increase longevity.

It’s also a known fact that people who are not physically fit stand a higher chance of contracting cardiovascular diseases and other health issues. However, remember it’s not just physical fitness that counts. Unless your mind is devoid of stress, anxiety and general worries, it will begin to affect your health. So how does one keep both their health and mind fit? Here are some tips:

Engage in Light Activity:

Move, even if it’s a tiny amount, movement matters a lot. And by that we don’t mean sit in your chair and twirl. It is imperative that your body gets some sort of movement, whether light exercises, walking, cycling, jogging, etc. If your life is hectic, and it’s difficult to find the time to hit your gym or spend hours working out, don’t despair. All that is needed is a small initiative and a tiny step can go a long way in ensuring your physical health. Start out with a warm-up, five to ten minutes should be good enough to get your blood flow going and ready your body for the upcoming activity. Follow this with a light to medium intensity exercise, for example, walking, stretching, bending or spot-jogging. Yoga is great too and it’s extremely beneficial for both health and mind, and is even known to cure body ailments. In fact, many women have claimed regular yoga has cured them of hormonal problems. Continue this for twenty to thirty minutes, take a five minute break, and finish with some more stretches. The human body is amazing with what it can achieve, if only one puts their mind to it.

Do Not Rush Yourself:

Everything takes time, trying to accomplish the impossible will only lead to more trouble. Your body needs time to adjust to its new settings. The body-builders, fitness gurus and celebrities who have achieved weight loss haven’t done it in a day, a week, or a month. Start out slow and check if your body is responding to the changes. It might not be immediately noticeable, so look for clues. Maybe your pants are a bit looser, perhaps you’re feeling less bloated and more energetic, or it might even be your stamina that takes a boost. Whatever the changes, there is bound to be a positive effect on your body.

Involve your Family:

It’s quite a good idea to involve your family in your fitness program. Not only does this boost your morale, but it also encourages everyone else to follow the same. Younger children might be unwilling if they’re coerced, so it would be best to encourage them into trying this as a new activity. Kids love trying new foods, activities and if they’re made to feel involved will automatically start loving the new fitness regime at home. Talk to them about how it makes a difference to eat healthy and stay fit, and how important it is to spend time away from the TV or computer and spend more of it outdoors.

Make Healthier Food Choices: 

At all costs, avoid sugary food products. One doesn’t have to cut it out of their life completely, but it is best to avoid anything that is loaded with additional sugar. Also, reduce the amount of junk food, and foods rich in unhealthy saturated fats, and switch to whole grains, greens, lean fats and low-fat dairy products (soy products for vegans). Teens often find it hard to stop themselves from snacking, and this means they end up indulging in calorific food often. Not that indulging in an occasional burger is bad, and we wouldn’t ask anyone to give up on their pizza or fizzy drinks either, but it is best avoided of course. Instead, stock up on healthy granola bars, baked nuts or trail mixes that can be munched on at all times. Sip on smoothies instead of store-bought juices and load up on homemade green juices rather than purchasing energy drinks from the store. Yes, it will take some getting used to, but nothing is impossible once your mind is willing to cooperate. After all, a healthy mind means a healthy body and vice versa, isn’t it?

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