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These Celebrities Lost So Much Weight – See Who Did It Naturally & Who Went Under the Knife

Gabourey Sidibe – 50 pounds

Obesity is one of the biggest problems today and excess fat is never good for you. Gabourey Sidibe realized that in the nick of time. Even though she was pretty much confident with her looks, she soon found out that excess fat would do no good to her body or health. Sidibe had long suffered from Type II diabetes and that added to her woes. She tried out sweat therapy as well as dietary therapy to lose weight, but her efforts went in vain.

Refusing to give up, Gabourey started a fitness routine and also underwent surgery to get a fit physique and maintain an active lifestyle. We hope she knows the necessity of regular work-outs and a nutritious diet even after having surgery done. Thanks to her rigorous efforts, the Precious actress has lost around 50 pounds.  

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