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These Beautiful Stars Have Flawessly Aged – See What’s Kept Them Looking So Great Throughout The Years

Brooke Shields – 52

For Brook Shields, education came first. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in French Literature, and only after she had tackled all those student loans and exams did she step into Hollywood. Thanks to her numerous film, TV, and theater appearances, Shields was able to build up a hefty bank account balance, but that, unfortunately, didn’t help her much with her postpartum depression in 2003, or with the serious knee injury she suffered in 2012. But even though she has had her fair share of slip and falls, Shields managed to recover nicely and today, she speaks publicly about her battle with depression and defends the use of anti-depressants. Oh, and she looks nothing less stunning than we remember her from the sitcom, Suddenly Susan.

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