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Incredible Benefits You Can Have With Your Medicare

Now that our Medicare and CHIP are in danger because of the Republican Tax Law and its controversial budget cut, millions of American citizens are left in confusion of what to do and what measures to take to protect the future of their healthcare and well-beingShould they drop Medicare altogether and avail a private health insurance that’s too expensive to most average-income earners?
But, before you push through with dropping your healthcare insurance, you might want to think twice. We suggest you to have a look at these ‘hidden’ benefits your Medicare package has that you might not know about.


With Medicare, you can avail routine vaccinations for free

Most beneficiaries of Medicare don’t know that there are services and features they can avail for freeYes, these freebies generally come as a package together with your Medicare policy, and you can avail it without increasing your premium paymentsThe consultant for California Health Advocates stated the following freebies a beneficiary can get:

  • Medical check-ups and screenings for heart and other cardiovascular diseases
  • Screening for possible signs of depression and other mental health illnesses (including consultation)
  • Rehab to overcome addiction such as smoking, drinking, and drugs.
  • Routine vaccination maintenance for flu and pneumonia.
  • You can avail the annual wellness visit for the first year of your Medicare coverage.
  • Discuss your end-of-life-care policy and spell out your will and last wishes if anything happens to you.
If you are an Advantage Plan holder, you can even avail membership at SilverSneakers for free! This gym membership will enable beneficiaries to sign up for a wellness program to live a healthier lifestyle.


The best thing you can do is to choose a doctor that accepts Medicare payments

Did you know that some doctors will accept Medicare patients but not your Medicare billing? It means your physician might bill you for a separate payment outside of your coverage. These deductibles will cost and hurt your pocket in the process. So, if you’re a Medicare holder, you must first inspect whether your doctor accepts “assignment” or payment covered by your Medicare deductibles and insurance policyYou can search on to determine which doctors can accept your Medicare payments so you can finally start saving some money in the process.


This may seem counter-intuitive but, sometimes, paying cash for your OTC drugs will help you save more money than availing Medicare. Why? It’s because even if the Part D of your coverage covers your OTC drug bill, it has a threshold. Usually, the coverage threshold for purchasing prescription drugs is around $5,000 a yearAs much as possible, try to preserve your Part D feature by paying cash for your OTC drugs, and only use this feature for emergency purposes.
For example, if a drug is expensive and it can hurt your pocket, that’s the time you let Medicare buy it for you. Moreover, giant pharmaceutical companies like Costco and Target will let you buy boxes of drug prescriptions for only a handful of dollars. This method allows you to save more money than letting your insurance pay for it.


Did you know you could avail treatment at your home for FREE?

You might think that Medicare only works once you get hospitalized, but that’s where you’re dead wrong. In fact, its coverage extends even within the premises of your home. This can be especially helpful if you’re living in rural areas where traveling to and from the hospital may be difficult.

For example, Eugene Henderson got diagnosed with a rare lung problem due to his rare genes. The family was having a hard time going to the hospital so the doctor assigned a nurse to come to their home instead. And what’s more, Eugene and his wife Connie didn’t pay a single penny for the nurse’s salary! Not only were the couple able to save money from the nurse, but they were also able to save their travel expenses! The free service he received made it possible for him to get his weekly plasma infusions from the comfort of his home.

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