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These Celebrity Houses Made Our Jaws Drop – How They Paid For Them Left Us Astounded!

William Shatner — Price Unknown, California

A cultural icon who came into the spotlight with his role as James T. Kirk in Star Trek, William Shatner has seen only an upward shift in his career since he became part of the globally famous movie franchise. The Canadian actor and writer has appeared in various movies and series, one of which has even earned him two Emmy Awards. The Boston Legal actor, along with his wife, Elizabeth are proud owners of a Southern California mansion which is spread over an area of 4,016 square feet. The beautiful house which was bought by Shatner in 1974 is a four-bedroom and four-bathroom house and even has “The Shatners” painted near the front door. Considering the love of the couple for dogs, they even renovated their kitchen to add in a dishwasher that is dedicated to canine food dishes. Quite a unique investment for their pets, right?

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