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Five Tips On How To Take Things Slow In Life

Slowing down is often seen as a trait of losers these days. Unfortunately, in a world where everyone is moving at a break-neck speed, slowing down has ceased to be an option. But with the growing number of people realizing that having a healthy lifestyle is the only way you can avoid dreadful chronic diseases, they have decided to give the slow movement a chance.

It all started with the Slow Food movement. Apparently, the movement wanted to popularize local produce and the traditional way of cooking. It is no secret that processed, unhealthy, and genetically modified food are wreaking havoc in our bodies. Hence, the Slow Food movement is an alternative to fast food. Since it has spread to the rest of the world now from Italy, it has given birth to the slow living movement. If you want to join it, just follow a few tips and you can make your life even better than before.

Mindfulness While Eating

Since the Slow Food movement started with eating, our list starts with food, too. Being mindful while eating is something that is lost from our lives altogether. Eating while watching television or a movie, giving more importance to your phone on the dinner table, and prioritizing picture-taking than thinking about where your food is coming from have become the norm these days. It is not helping your system though. So, stay away from gadgets while eating. Make dinners a special time, converse with your family members, and be thankful for every morsel of food in your plate. Oh, and the most important bit? Chew slowly and savor every bite!

Relax While Traveling

More often than not, we become more stressed even when traveling. We move around from one attraction to another and are more focused on covering each of them instead of enjoying the sights. Take your time to explore unique little things about the new place and try to relax while you do so. Following the itinerary may be a wise move in terms of time management, but think of all the things you’re missing out!

Make A List Of Things To Do

One of the best ways to relax or slow down in your everyday life is by creating a list. Make a list of negotiable and non-negotiable tasks. As you check off the non-negotiable tasks one by one, you will realize that it will calm you down and give you a sense of accomplishment since the negotiable ones can wait, and you can do them at a later time of your convenience. When you don’t set up your tasks like this, you end up being busy all day long without even realizing that you are doing it wrong. Also, if you are busy all the time, it is because you are choosing the wrong options. Prioritizing will help you not just to slow down but also give you more clarity about your future goals.

Enjoy Your Quiet Moments Throughout The Day

Most people don’t have the luxury of self-retrospection because they’re often juggling two or three tasks at one time. But you should always find the time to do so; think of it as an hour or two dedicated for your mental health. It’s essential to stop and think about yourself and your life. If you cannot afford even 5 minutes for yourself after waking up, then you need to find it at other times. For example, when you are going to your office and your commute takes close to an hour, you can use that time for contemplation. Most of us stick to our phones and check our Instagram feed. Not too productive, right? Reading or contemplating can help you get a better hold on your life.

Choose People

Our communication and social lives have become so limited, thanks to our addiction to smartphones. It’s safe to guess that even some people go a day without having any human contact at all. We are often busy with work, our social media posts or something else. If someone wants to talk to you the next time, leave what you are doing and make a minute to talk. Think about it, if someone wants to talk to you, it means they need you, and they probably care for you enough to want your opinion. So it might be worthy to give up what you are doing and give them some time.

Bring these changes slowly in your life and see it change for the better. Find joys in everyday life when you go slow.


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