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How To Create A Room That Induces Relaxation!


Let’s face it – daily life has grown so demanding in modern society that, sometimes, it can actually feel like you don’t have room to breathe. Stress levels have soared among numerous individuals, and this is strongly related to reduced immune function and consequently an increase in disease. Prioritizing relaxation in your life is crucial — for your mental well-being and for your physical health, not to mention emotional benefits.

A relaxation room is the perfect solution to help you de-stress and loosen up. This is a room you will dedicate to simply meditating and relaxing in. It needs to reflect the type of mindset you would have in a meditative state – uncluttered and clear. Keep reading to find out how to create this sacred space for yourself in your home!

Pick a Room

Ideally, you would choose a room that is separate from your home — perhaps a sort of outbuilding or something. But if all you have is a spare room at home, it will do! This room will be highly personalized, and there are many decisions to make before it will be ready. Picking the room is the first thing, though, and make sure you choose the quietest possible room!

Pick a Color or a Theme

What will speak loudest in this room is the theme or the colors of the room. It is important to decide what makes you feel relaxed. Think about the time you went to a spa, and whether the aquamarine, green, and white shades of the resort style spas relax you. Or maybe you feel most at ease in a Zen meditation room that is mostly bare, with a pale color palette of white, soft blues, and yellows with minimalistic pieces. Then again, you may totally be different and find that a rainbow of colors to meditate on will be relaxing, and vibrant colors may be what you choose to have in your room. There is also the option of a ‘temple’ theme, which will resemble the sacred spaces in Asian culture, with incense sticks, wooden carvings, statues, and candles. If it helps you to make the right choice, visit some spas from each category and see what is most relaxing specifically for you.

Pick Your Furnishing

Decide on what sort of furnishing will make you comfortable. This can be a sofa, a chair, mats, some cushions, bean bags, or even a hammock! Get creative and recognize that your imagination is the limit! Just remember not to confuse your sense of style with your intention to relax – that glitzy diamante-studded chaise with gold trim may appeal to your sense of style, but it still isn’t what will make you most relaxed! Remember what this room is for. Think about what will bring you the most comfort.


Pick a Focal Point

While the room has the purpose of relaxation, it is important for there to be a focal point on which to concentrate while you meditate. Focus is important, though it may sound contradictory to relaxation. If you were lying staring at a blank wall, your mind would get carried away with all the stresses of the day and you may begin planning your next day or ticking off your to-do list. This is not what you want. Have a little table for a stereo set if you listen to relaxing music. Or place some candles on it, or a couple of pictures or deities, statues and anything else you may wish to focus your energy and concentration on to help you relax.

Pick Your Décor

Decorating is an enjoyable task for most people, but be very minimalistic with this room and be mindful of what you choose to decorate it with. Keep only what will help you relax. A small arrangement of indoor plants or a water feature is a good idea to help reconnect with nature and introduce some natural healing into the room. Soft, flowing fabric is very helpful in creating a feeling of calm, and you can hang drapes and flowing linens over walls even if there aren’t windows. Perhaps a wind chime or two near the window can bring a cheerful note to help you enjoy clarity and peace. If you like, you could even have a bathtub in the room, if leisurely baths help you unwind. Fragranced candles and essential oil diffusers can help create a peaceful atmosphere, so have a small space to keep stock of these, as well.

However you want to decorate the place, just keep one thing in mind: this room is for relaxation — nothing else. Hopefully, one you have that space at home, you’ll be able to keep your stress levels at bay. Happy decorating!



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