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Weird Cases Of Mental Ilnesses

Have you ever thought that you might be the weirdest person that ever existed on the planet? You may have had your strange antics and weird habits that just makes no sense to the point where you thought you were going mental.

Good news! It turns out you are not the weirdest person after all; some people actually suffer from bizarre mental illnesses. 

Here are some of the most unusual mental conditions:


Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome is a disorder in which a person mutilates himself/herself and consumes his or her own body parts. This is a rare condition called autosarcophagy, which affects the victim’s muscles, joints, and the brain due to overproduction uric acid in the body. This leads to the compulsive biting of the lips and finger in most of the cases. 

In about 60% of the cases, patients opted for their teeth to be removed to stop themselves from biting their cheeks, tongues, and lips. Most of the victims are male, and the disorder range from mild to dangerous.


This disorder occurs when a person is extremely startled by an unexpected noise or sight and starts to display unusual response to such. The response can be word redundancy, flailing arms, or crying out. It was first identified in some of Maine’s lumberjacks of French- Canadian descent in 1878 and is thought to originate from some other specific disorders in other culture. The reflex, odd as it seemed, has been identified in other parts of the world and linked to neurological disorders such as Coprolalia, a form of Tourette’s.  The cause of the disorder is yet to be found.                          


“Should I go or not, go or not, go or not.” This is the mantra of people who suffer from an unknown mental disorder that is characterized by being indecisive about things. Psychiatrists use the term, “paralysis of the will”.

People with the disorder may appear normal in all aspects of life, but they run into psychological problems to the point of being anxious and face difficulties in regaining their normal function. They have difficulties in making even small decisions even such as whether to run or just enjoy the walk. Their chronic incapacity to make decisions originates from the need for 100% certainty. This makes them paralyzed when making decisions and fulfilling free will. The disorder is also associated with obsessive- compulsive, and depressive disorders.


This is a neurological phenomenon that occurs when stimulation of one sense leads to an involuntary experience in another sense. Here, the taste and sound are conjoined, for example. People may hear sounds when they see a particular color or read certain words.  The condition is not considered as a disease or illness because it has no negative effects.


Genital Retraction Syndrome, otherwise known as Koro Syndrome, is a psychiatric disorder where a person suffers from acute anxiety over the fear that his genitals (breast for females) are shrinking or retracting. Most of the people who have this condition are from Southeast Asia.


This is a disorder in which a person has a compulsion to eat things with no nutritional value such as wood or stones.  It is categorized into various subtypes: Coprophagy, Geophagy, Hyalophagia, Tricophagia, and Urophagia.

People who have coprophagy consume feces. Geophagy is the consumption of soil, dirt, or clay. Hyalophagia, the consumption of glass,  trichophagia is the consumption of wool or hair, while urophagia is the consumption of urine.

This condition is dangerous because it can lead to blockages and poisoning. Ingestion of sharp objects can also tear the stomach lining. PICA is linked to deficiencies in iron or minerals or a chemical imbalance in the body. To date, there is no cure for the disorder, and it is common among pregnant women and children with autism.


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