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Here Are Five Ways On How To Be Happy According To Science

Yes, apparently, there are science-backed reasons that make you happy. There are various techniques which you can incorporate into your daily life to be more happy in life. The techniques are so easy and doable that you’ll be tempted to try them out. Whether you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or grief, these methods might just help to lift your mood and keep you happy throughout the day. Even if you are terribly busy and do not have extra time for anything, we believe these techniques will have a big impact on your life. Read on and learn about how to be happy according to science!

Think of Positive Things While Your Brain Is On Autopilot

Researchers have found that most of the actions that we perform throughout the day are done on autopilot. We don’t really think hard while doing them. Scientists and experts from Duke University came up with this fact and knowing this, we can do a few things differently every day to be happier. For example, when brushing your teeth in the morning, you can think of one thing that makes you grateful. Instead of waking up in the morning and checking your work emails, why not browse a few pictures from your gallery – pictures of people who make you really happy? One last way to improve your mood is during bedtime. When you lie down for the night, just think of one good deed that you did that day. It will definitely help you sleep better. These are just a few examples. You can mix your own happiness factor with any other routine you have throughout the day.

There’s No Need To Be Perfect

Often, in our endeavor towards perfection, we lose our peace of mind. In reality, you can’t be perfect all the time. But this is something that most people struggle with. Knowing that you can’t be 100% in everything you do leaves you irritated and unsatisfied. Hence, it is important to remember that, being good enough is great. This is especially important in today’s world, where we are always trying to be the best in everything. But imagine this, if you can be good enough with a 10-page report, then is it necessary to make a 60-page report? No, right? Imagine the amount of time and effort you will be saving! Cut yourself some slack and be happier!

Spend Money On Experiences

Shoes might be your greatest weakness, but according to science, spending those dollars on experiences will make you a lot happier. Gadgets, clothes, or shoes are things we all want to buy all the time. But apparently, that surge of happiness you feel after buying them is only temporary. However, if you go on a hiking trip with your friends or be brave enough to go skydiving, you will be cherishing those memories long after, and every time you reminisce, you will feel happy.

Laugh More

A good laugh is definitely something that will uplift our mood and make us happier. And now, scientists add that laughing keeps our cardiovascular system healthier. Apparently, when we laugh, we are forced to exhale which, in turn, brings down our heart rate and makes us feel a lot calmer afterward. Even if you smile for no reason, you will be releasing endorphins — the happy hormone — and, in the process, canceling the stress hormone, cortisol. No wonder, more and more people are watching comedy shows. Aside from this, laughing also helps in burning calories!

Be Kind

Being kind to random strangers makes us happier. Seeing the joy that we bring to the other person or looking at their smiles brings about a feeling of fulfillment and joy. You don’t need to always plan out a day to go to a charitable organization and do your bit. If you can do that, it is amazing, no doubt. But in our every day lives, we often come across people who can do with a bit of help. For example, helping that old man carry his groceries, donating some money to a homeless guy, or sharing your day’s experience with your old landlady who has no family left. They don’t have to be grand gestures; just a little help will do.

They don’t sound too hard, do they? Think you can implement some of them in your life? Why wait? Start right now and see how you feel more content, more at peace, and more cheerful all the time.


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