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Are You The Toxic Person In Your Relationship? Find Out!

How do you define a toxic relationship? In a nutshell, it is a kind of unhealthy relationship where one or both people involved behave unpleasantly and nurture malicious and harmful feelings towards each other. However, it is found that people often cling to toxic relationships, even though they know that they should walk away. Why do people stay, though? More often than not, they are emotionally manipulated, scared of being alone, or worse, forced to stay. So, what are some red flags that turn normal relationship into toxic ones? Well, here are some questions that might help. If you fit the descriptions below, you might want to change your attitude.

Are You Insecure?

It has been found that highly insecure people have a tendency of doubting themselves a lot. This self-doubt often leads to overthinking of both your partner’s every word or body language. Over a period of time, these insecurities pop up in your conversations or your behavior. Additionally, they may also manifest through body language and actions, whether consciously or unconsciously. So, how do you handle yourself every time you feel insecure? It is important to remember that you are loved, no matter what. Instead of taking out your anger on your partner, why not share your anxiety with them? Love and reassurance can be magical, and it can boost your confidence level from zero to ten very quickly. Also, don’t let negative feelings creep in and consume you; instead, concentrate on your self-worth and enjoy every moment of your togetherness.

Do You Have A Hot Temper?

In all probability, we may have experienced losing control of our anger and directing the rage to our partners or even other people. People with an extremely hot temper usually go through the cycle of anger-regret-shame. Since your partner is your constant companion, most of your tantrums would be directed towards them most of the time. Even though you might regret hurting their feelings after the anger has subsided, it will surely happen again and again. Have you ever wondered how your partner feels about your anger? They probably try to steer clear of all kinds of triggers that might cause you to lose your temper. It is essential to realize and accept the fact that you do have anger management issues. Once you do that, it is easier to control it because you’ve acknowledged the problem. Look for various techniques that aid in inducing relaxation and calm. Regular meditation and deep breathing techniques also help.

Do You Refuse To Take Responsibility For The Problems You Create?

To err is human, says the age-old adage! We all make mistakes. But if you have created a problem, then you need to take responsibility to solve it as well. If you refuse to acknowledge your mistake because of your pride, your relationship suffers the consequences. Did you know that our brain suffers from negativity bias which means it remembers the bad things more than the good things? Hence, the earlier you clean up your act, the better. To do that, you need to be completely honest with yourself first. The fact that the issue is there because of a problem you created needs to be identified first. It can be anything – issues related to finance, fidelity, or household chores. It is crucial to accept responsibility because, once you do that, you can change your behavior pattern and work towards a better relationship.

Are You Addicted To Social Media?

Social media addiction can wreak havoc in your relationship. Not only does it hamper the time you spend together, it also rouses doubts and suspicions in your partner’s mind. Remember, when you are still building trust with your partner, this can be lethal. You can change this by limiting your access to social media and keeping it only for weekends. Also, do not talk about your relationship issues on social media as it can have a deeply negative impact on your partner.

If you feel like you are the toxic person in your relationship after going through these questions, don’t worry. The fact that the problem has been identified shows that it is on its way to getting cured. Remember, it is best if you stop before you turn abusive.

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