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Six Hobbies That Help Build Self-Confidence

You can’t forget your first date, can you? Likewise, you do remember the first time you shook a leg in a club or gave your very first presentation at school. These were nerve-wracking moments and admittedly, a bit scary, too. Most of us fear rejection and embarrassment, but after a few more date, presentations, and dance sessions at the club, we gain and build a bit of confidence every time. So, as a matter of fact, with time, you became more competent, and with more competence comes more confidence.

If you are running short on confidence in certain aspects of your life, the reason is more likely to be a lack of experience in your kitty. Well, there are six hobbies that will definitely help you have more experience in situations that might make you feel awkward and uneasy. By taking these hobbies on, you will build up a long-term confidence in yourself. Let’s dive right in:

Learning Stand-Up Comedy

Taking stand-up comedy classes will prepare you for public speaking

If public speaking is something you are uncomfortable with, stand-up comedy may be the perfect choice for you. Getting the better of your stage fright, you will realize the ways of bringing out the natural humor present within, and also learn the ways of structuring up a show. These skills will go a long way in helping you in gaining confidence in other spheres of life.

Exploring Various Sub-Cultures

You feel comfortable and easy when you are with your friends, but feel awkward when you try socializing with people you don’t know well. The reason for being high on confidence around a certain bunch of people is because you’ve been with them quite often — you are familiar with their nuances, their likes and dislikes, their personalities. So, you need to extend your comfort zone a bit if you only keep seeing the same people over and over again. Befriending people who are unlike you, who have different interests, cultures, and fields of expertise than you have or believe in is a great option. Mixing up with folks from different walks of life will boost up your confidence.

Being Sober

Staying sober helps in increasing mental sharpness

Next time you go on a night out with your buddies, try to stay sober while your friends enjoy their booze. You will realize the intimidation that night life throws at you. Though you will be no less relaxed than your tipsy friends, you will be way sharper mentally. You learn to adjust to different and tough situations by staying away from alcohol.

Learning Martial Arts

Being confronted is one fear that plays on your mind. While you may like to stay away from fights and uncomfortable situations, many people have the desire of feeling more confident about their capacity to protect or defend their friends and themselves in times of trouble and danger. You don’t need to be a master in that, but it is recommended that you invest at least a few weeks.  You will garner a lot of confidence in your capability to defend and protect yourself.


Traveling helps you in making your way through thick and thin

Traveling is a great activity as it teaches you to steer ahead through unfamiliar and unknown environments. It will open your mind up and make you more imaginative, open-minded, and ingenious. Accessing unfamiliar territory is highly recommended. You don’t necessarily have to fly somewhere, but you can start visiting local unknown places that are nearby — great way to get exposed to unfamiliarity.

Trying Self-Education

For most people, being less educated can lead to a feeling of insecurity. Amidst “smarter” people, they are afraid of portraying themselves as naive, timid, or uneducated. Especially in today’s times, when everything around you is constantly changing, you might feel a deficiency in your knowledge. Try to take up self-education as a hobby. Read books, listen to audiobooks, and watch documentaries. This way, you will come across new ideas and concepts, and you will get to know the world around you a lot better.

Boost your confidence level by adopting good habits

Follow the aforementioned methods, and you will notice a sea of change in your confidence level in different spheres of life. All your fears will melt away in due course and propel you to come out of your comfort zone. Gaining more experience leads to a natural growth in your confidence and aids you in warding away all the awkwardness and discomfort. Like stated before, the experience you garner will make you competent, and that competence, in turn, will accentuate your confidence level to greater heights. Try them out!

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