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These Situations Say A Lot About You

Sometimes, to understand a person at first sight, you don’t really need a lot to know about them. In most instances, their actions give you a glimpse of their personality. How one person reacts to failure might be completely different to another. Again, verbal interaction might not be enough to tell you a lot about the person because the person might not open up to you, but our emotions speak a lot where words fail. Things that bring out the best or worst in us are often a few social situations. In fact, how we react says a lot about our mental health. Let’s find out a few instances that help us understand a person behind the mask they put up for the world to see.

Holding The Door Open For Others

Gone are the days of chivalry or so it seems. Opening doors is more than just being chivalrous or nice. It is more than that. It shows that you put others before yourself which clearly makes you a sensitive person.

Talking About People They Dislike

Let’s face it: we can’t always be goody two shoes. There will be people in our lives whom we’d end up hating. But criticism is not always bad, though we have stigmatized the word enough to cringe every time we say it. Criticism can be either constructive or destructive. If we are talking about someone we don’t like, then it is best to have a long critical review and think why we don’t like the person as well as their redeeming qualities. But there are people who would talk only about flaws. They are probably insecure or jealous of the other person.

Talking Behind Someone’s Back

Talking about someone in their absence shows that the person who is speaking lacks confidence as well as self-esteem. Not everyone can handle confrontation, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to talk behind someone’s back. People who do this find it difficult to understand their own feelings for that person. Hence, the next time you see someone doing it, you will know it is their low confidence level that’s speaking.

Taking Care Of Another Person’s Mental Health

Despite widespread campaigning of the importance of having a good mental health, most of us fail to recognize the need to stay mentally fit. Hence,  if someone has the good sense to understand and embrace good mental health, they are great around people who are going through a crisis period. They tend to reach out and help them by being understanding.

Relaxing In Quietude

How one relaxes during a quiet time says a lot about that person. It takes a lot for a person to feel good in a silent environment. If one understands the power of a serene atmosphere, chances are that the person is quite confident and understanding.

Checking Their Phone While Talking

It has been proven again and again that multitasking is a myth. If someone you care about is checking their phone constantly while you are speaking, it shows that the person is not interested in the conversation or maybe they don’t really care about the conversation.

Saying Sorry

It is very easy for us to say sorry about trivial mistakes or things.”Sorry” and “thank you” have become so common that sometimes, they sound insincere when uttered. Unfortunately, most of us do not say sorry at the right time. It is extremely difficult to admit one’s own fault and ask for forgiveness. When you do that, it makes you humane and empathetic. On the other hand, those who cannot see their mistakes tend to be uncertain about themselves and unforthcoming, too.

Behaving Badly With Less-Privileged People

If you go to a restaurant and the server spills water on you accidently, it is just their mistake. How you talk to the server shows what kind of a person you are. When you are interacting with people who are less privileged, it shows the amount of compassion and consideration you have. It also shows how generous you are.

Being kind and forgiving are traits that are not taught in school. But to be a good human being and to have a good mental balance, these two traits are a must. Next time you meet someone for the first time, you can easily judge them based on the above situations. However, feel free to use your discretion for you never know what kind of baggage they are carrying around. Additionally, try to assess yourself based on these situations — how will you react or behave under these circumstances? Knowing the answers will surely give you a better understanding of yourself and your mental health.

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