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Know How Texting Can Physically and Mentally Harm You

Undoubtedly, the introduction of the Internet and mobile phones are two of the most prominent revolutionary inventions to have come from the age of technology. They have changed various aspects of how people go on about in their day-to-day lives. For one, communication has been made easier – no more telegrams or snail mails; texting is the new way to go!Unfortunately, like all good things, texting has its downsides and we are not only talking about texting while driving. In terms of physical and mental health, texting has a number of unhealthy effects. So if you’re one of the guilty ones who can’t seem to put down their phone or know someone who is, this post is for you!

Say Hello to Text Neck

Text Neck is a relatively new term associated with and results from excessive texting. When we use our phone to text, email, tweet, or even browse, we bend our heads to look down on our phones. This creates a lot of pressure on the neck and can lead to a strained muscle, pinched nerves, or something much worse like a hernia which may require surgery. If this doesn’t scare you enough, read on!

 Welcome To The Strained Back Club

When we bent our heads to text, our posture is compromised; as a consequence, you will have upper back and shoulder pain issues. Apart from a backache, it can also be the reason behind your headache, depression, and even constipation. So, next time you are slouched while texting, remember to sit or stand as straight as you can and ridiculous as it may sound, hold your phone up almost to eye level.

 Get Ready for Eye Strain

Those who work with computers for the greater part of the day might have already faced eye issues. Thanks to our addiction to computers, the medical community has already given this issue a name – Computer Vision Syndrome. It is related to the overall problem that stems from looking at a computer or similar screens for a long time. However, looking at a small screen for a very long time makes it even worse because we blink about 30% less when we stare at a phone screen? Dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision are some of the common symptoms of eye strain.

May Cause Life-Threatening Road Accidents

There have been many accounts of accidents happening because of texting while driving. Because of this, there have been huge campaigns in order to create awareness on the dangers of texting while driving. Authorities are equally serious about this and have imposed hefty fines on violators which seem to have decreased this kind of road accident.

Creates a Barrier To Real Communication

So far, we have only talked about how texting can affect our physical health. Truth is, it goes beyond physical damages and can affect us mentally as well. Texting all the time and living in a virtual world can result in losing touch with reality and real relationships. Moreover, there is no fun with virtual communication simply because we cannot enjoy the physical intimacy and connection that face-to-face communication provides. When we text, there might be instances of misunderstanding because we cannot see each others’ faces or hear each others’ voices.

Results to a Power Game

Texting with someone who is ignoring you, or reading your messages  (and you know it because they have their read receipt on) but not replying can be extremely insulting and hurtful; some people tend to take offense when this is done to them and may lead to fights. In some relationships, this instance can lead to a power game between the couple. If you have seen the message and have chosen not to reply for some reason, you clearly win the game this time. But, imagine the person on the other end of the line and the amount of agony they are going through because of you. No one wants to be ignored.

These days, we show our thoughts and emotions through witty banters and emojis online. It seems as if we have forgotten the importance of actual communication, its essence and how it builds and establishes relationships. Before we lose ourselves in a virtual world, let’s remember how it affects not only our relationship with other people but also our minds and bodies.


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