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Did You Know That There Are Benefits Of Getting Angry?

It is hard for us to think of anger as a positive emotion, but while anger isn’t an entirely pleasing emotion, it does have its own benefits. We all get angry once in a while and feel that hot white rage burning inside us, and most of the time, it takes a while for that to go away. It has been proven that getting angry might wreak havoc with our blood pressure, increase our cholesterol level, and in general, compromise our overall health. Plus, once we calm down, we feel almost ashamed of expressing our emotions. It might help to remember that all our emotions serve some purpose, and anger is no exception. Here are a few psychological reasons why anger can be good for us:

Turning Anger Into Positive Energy

Anger is actually a great source of motivation. It can be used as a constructive force to get something you want. For example, those who are creative in nature can easily channel their anger to create something amazing. Many poets and musicians are known to have created beautiful pieces when they were feeling extreme emotions. It works as a motivator, helps us get rid of procrastination, and aids us to achieve something that we have been striving for for quite some time.

Anger Makes You Optimistic

Sounds like an oxymoron? Well, trust us, that is what experts say. It has been found that those who get angry easily compared to those get scared are more optimistic. People belonging in the latter drown themselves in fear, making them susceptible to negativity. In comparison, those who are angry do not have fear driving them, but a force that compels them to move forward. A study carried out on the victims of 9/11 proved this theory. It was found those who were angry lived their life without any negative thoughts unlike those who were scared.

Anger Is Good For Personal Relationships

Many people might think that anger management is absolutely crucial for a good relationship. Sure, it’s important to be able to control your anger during fights, but prolonged suppression of anger could make the situation worse. If you remain complacent, chance are that your significant other will continue to make the same mistake over and over again. Experts opine that if we express anger to find out a solution instead of just venting out, it helps alter the whole situation immensely.

Anger Can Be Insightful

When we are in a blinding rage, it might not be possible for us to see reason. But often, those outbursts help us realize what went wrong in there; it might also help us see our own faults. Later, when we think about it all, we might even want to change the way we did things. It will improve our lives and also help us rectify our faults. In a survey conducted among Americans and Russians, it was found that 55% of people confessed that bursts of anger helped them get a positive result for the whole situation.

Anger Can Lessen Violence

We usually show our anger when we face injustice. It is true that anger is often followed by physical violence. But for most people, they lose the edge once they vent out what is in their mind. Also, when we get angry, the other party tries to come up with a solution fast in order to control the situation — that reduces the chance of further violence. Imagine a world without anger! Everyone would start being violent right away. The world wouldn’t be a safe place to live then.

Negotiating With Anger


This is a bit tricky. We often see angry people getting bigger concessions. If you are facing a serious issue, becoming angry often solves it faster than anything else. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t work in every situation. The reason has to be truly justified and your point should be right. When you are right and angry, that gives you a more powerful position because it sets a limit for the opposing side.

While all these don’t justify getting angry at all, it is good to remember that being happy isn’t always good and being angry is not bad. It would help to remember that even when we are angry, we should use it as a constructive force and try to solve the matter at hand. Even if we don’t tell people explicitly, they seem to understand the effects anger can have. Hence, this emotion can be beneficial to us if we know how to handle it.

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