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Four Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Avoid Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a common disease that is primarily age related. It’s a form of dementia that’s responsible for brain damage that causes in memory loss. This isn’t your normal age-related memory loss, however. Instead of forgetting where they put their pen, Alzheimer’s victims might find themselves wondering what pens are used for – needless to say, this can be a terrifying experience for both the victim and their family members. Thankfully, a lot of research is being done on Alzheimer’s that fortunately also has a lot of funding. We hopefully might soon have a cure to the horrible disease, however, in the meantime, here are some tips that can help delay the disease, or perhaps even avoid it altogether!

Get Your Fitness Gear On

There’s no definite answer to what exactly causes Alzheimer’s. What we do know, however, is that exercise can help delay the disease for apparently a long time. It even slows down the disease while it’s at work, so even if you’ve been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s you should get busy with that cardio, because it could very well be your key to prolonging your mental-health.

It’s been shown that even half an hour of aerobic exercise per day is enough to keep you going. Of course, more is generally better, but this should be the bare minimum for you in order to stay healthy. The best thing you could do is to join a gym or a sports club so you’ll be motivated to keep going day after day. It could also be beneficial to work with an expert so that you’d be carefully guided for maximum benefits from your exercise routine.

Stick to Mediterranean Food

The diet mostly consists of whole grains like wheat and barley, seafood, eggs, chicken, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Oh, and don’t forget the olive oil! Having a diet like this is sure to keep your mental and physical health in check, and will likely spell a long and fulfilling life for you and those around.

Maintain a Healthy Sleep Cycle

For logical reasons, a proper sleep cycle has shown to be highly beneficial when it comes to Alzheimer’s. Like having a healthy diet and being physically active, having a proper sleep pattern can help potential victims avoid the disease or prevent it’s spread. In fact, not having a good sleep cycle can lead to the destruction of the brain without any influence from Alzheimer’s, so it’s in your best interest to sleep seven to eight hours a night, because not doing so can have the potential to lower your brain performance.

Of course, merely missing sleep won’t nearly bring results as bad as Alzheimer’s itself, so people suffering from the disease, or those who have the potential to fall victim to it, should safe-guard themselves by sleeping at the same time every night, and preferably within the 7-8-hour mark.

Keep Doing New Things!

There’s some evidence that suggests that brain stimulation will keep you healthy along with preventing Alzheimer’s from taking over. Talk to people you don’t know and go to places that you’ve never been (make sure to take a friend or family member with you. Learn new skills – perhaps you could learn to play a musical instrument you’ve always wanted to, or go all in and tackle a skill like programming. Going through these activities can only have positive impacts on your life.


Alzheimer’s will hopefully disappear from the world like so many other diseases, but until then, we’ve got to remain strong. If you have a loved one who’s developing Alzheimer’s, make sure that they follow the advice provided so help them as much as possible.


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