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Five Exercises To Do To De-Stress At Work

Imagine this: you have a very important meeting at the office requiring a presentation. Once you reach your office, you realize that you forgot to bring your flash drive containing your report with you. The worst part is, no one can take the flash drive to you at work nor do you have enough time to make it home and back. What do you do? You’d probably almost start panicking immediately, right? Well, that sounds more realistic than saying that you need to calm down and focus on the task ahead. All those will come later, but in a situation like this, very few people can actually stay calm and keep formulating a plan in their heads.

So, the first thing you need to do is know about techniques that will help induce calmness and help you think about the problem at hand. Work-related stress can be terrible. Since you are at a place where you can’t show your frustrations, you need to repress it and keep going. But this can be very harmful to both your physical and mental health. Hence, try some of these relaxing techniques instead. Here are the some of the best that we know of:


However cliched it might sound, and no matter how many times you might have heard it, deep-breathing works, and with scientific validation as well. Did you know that The American Institute Of Stress has declared this the “best stress reduction technique”? Small wonder then that it made it to the top of our list. When we are stressed out, our heart races and pumps blood faster. This also means that we need extra oxygen which means taking deep breaths helps in getting more oxygen into your system. Pranayama is a deep-breathing technique that is an essential step in yoga. It also lets you concentrate on your body which takes the tension away from your mind. Scientists have also proven that deep-breathing can reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body such as reducing high blood pressure.

Muscle Relaxation

When we are tensed, our muscles tense up, too. Those knots in your shoulders, those tight muscles on your neck are sore for a reason. If you can do progressive muscle relaxation at times of anxiety or panic at work, it might actually help. As for how to, you might want to take a cue from your warm-up routine, that is, light stretching. Start with your toes and keep moving till your neck. Work each and every joint and feel the muscles relaxing. This will help make the tension go away.


A mental visit to your happy place can relax you, too. This technique of visualization is like meditation, but you get to imagine your favorite place on earth, and your favorite person with you. You can either think of a peaceful, serene image or think of yourself in the future where you are successful and happy with life. Go to an empty place, and guide your mind through these imageries. This will take away the tension momentarily.

Involve All Your Senses

While you are visualizing, it is imperative to use all your senses to heighten the experience. Think of the sound of the sea or rain in your mental image; imagine how it might smell – whether that’s petrichor or the smell of sea and sand. You can also engage your senses in other ways like listening to your favorite music. Splash a bit of scented oil on your fingers and inhale deeply — lavender oil works best here.

Laugh Out Loud

Now is the time to open up those funny forwards you have been getting from friends on social media. It could be funny videos, jokes, or memes — whatever floats your boat and makes you giggle. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. And it has been proven that laughing out loudly helps release stress. It also releases endorphins which relaxes your brain and makes you feel calmer.

And here’s one extra tip! Why not have something to munch on. Your favorite snack maybe? Stress-eating doesn’t have to bad all the time. It can help you focus on your work and take away the anxiety from your mind. If you do not have any snack on handy or do not have time for it, a single piece of Kisses chocolate or whatever you preference is good enough. The sugar from it will give you a bit of energy boost. So the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation at work, try these tips and see the results for yourself!

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