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Are You A College Student? Here’s How You Can Battle Anxiety

Mental health is a big challenge nowadays, especially for college students. As per reports made by many mental health experts, anxiety is one of the grave problems that have hit students quite hard. As a matter of fact, anxiety, along with depression, is probably the most common mental illness that has been reported. Starting from an impaired lifestyle to a below standard academic performance, youngsters are reeling under the effects of anxiety. The most badly hit are those who belong to the age group of 18 to 26. Here are a few effective ways to battle anxiety:

Cut Down Caffeine Consumption

If you suffer from anxiety and a coffee person, you need to think again. Experts have revealed that high consumption of caffeine will worsen your situation. Instead of cutting off coffee immediately from your day, try to slowly reduce your intake. For instance, if you drink three cups of coffee a day, try to drink only two cups in the next few days. And eventually, reduce that number down to one cup a day. Many people who endure anxiety have noticed a considerable improvement in their mental condition. Cutting out caffeine from your life will help you to stay calm and composed.


There are a number of books and psychologists who have prescribed meditation as the ultimate tool to ward off any kind of anxiety, stress, depression, and tension from life. There is a good amount of evidence which suggests that meditation is good enough to cure any symptom of anxiety and stress in adults Mindfulness meditation tends to focus on your breathing – the way you inhale and exhale. It soothes you down and eases out any kind of psychological stress. Try to devote at least 10 to 20 minutes to meditation every day and check the results for yourself.

Go Through A Therapy Session

CBT, the abbreviated form of cognitive-behavioral therapy, guides you and makes you aware of the body sensations as well as thoughts that tend to make you anxious. The therapy is said to inspire people and teaches them how to discard behaviors that give rise to anxiety. Worrying, in itself, is detrimental to your mental well-being. While it prepares you for negative situations in life, worrying accelerates your anxiety as well. You always tend to expect the worse to happen. You need to let go of your worries, and here is where CBT has a major role to play.

Practice Yoga

Yoga’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds over time and that isn’t surprising at all. There isn’t an inch of doubt that yoga is really effective in discarding anxiety and stress from your life and even reports and reviews are swearing by it. The practice of yoga on a regular basis is said to be helpful in diminishing the effect of stress responses and is known to keep anxiety at bay. It’s an excellent remedy.

Get Enough Sleep

Hitting the bed late at night would do you no good. If you don’t get to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours, your health is bound to go for a toss. Not getting enough sleep will slow you down at your workplace. Moreover, you will feel irritated all throughout the day and notice low levels of productivity. Stress and anxiety are normal in these circumstances. Aside from that, your memory will take a hit and you will probably be losing your reasoning ability. To avoid being anxious and stressed out, you need to have a clear head and for that, you need enough sleep. Period.

Have A Controlled Diet

What you eat throughout the day has a lot of impact on your wellness. Eating a good portion of healthy food becomes necessary if you are a victim of anxiety and depression. You can eat your comfort food, but try not to overeat. Make sure to include lots of fruits and veggies in your diet!

These are a few stress-busting tips that can help you fight against anxiety. Talk to an expert if need be and discuss your problems. You can also try out several relaxation techniques like counting one to ten, imbibing positive thoughts, bringing in positivity in your life, or using a stress ball to release stress from your mind.

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