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A Beginners Guide To Politeness & Manners & How It Will Help You in The Long Run

Perhaps the best feeling in the world is to be appreciated by others. Don’t you just love it when people shower praise on you? Whether they compliment you on your nature, behavior, looks or your intelligence – it gives you a huge boost of confidence that makes you more productive and successful in whatever you do. Also, as we often see around us, finally it is our behavior that will keep us alive in the memories of others. Hence, how you behave with others and make them feel can have a huge impact on your own life too. Even when you are just starting your career, making a good impression on others works in your favor. However, often we are clueless as how to behave with others or make them feel good. Here are things that you can say to make others feel better.

Please/ Thank You

Two small words, but they can have a huge impact on the people around you. Thanking others for their work will mean you appreciate it. Most of us are taught these words right from our childhood. But even then we fail to be generous when saying them. Kindness costs nothing. Be kind and compassionate to people and see how they give it back to you. Don’t forget to go beyond your means and thank the people around you for the wonderful job they do. For example, did you ever think of thanking your office janitor for keeping the toilets clean? Did you ever say please to the sweeper when you have spilled a cup of coffee on the just cleaned floor? Keeping these in mind, might help you be more mindful while interacting with others?

What Do You Think?

We all like it when our opinions are valued. Whether it is an office or home, if you see your suggestions or opinions are not being taken into consideration at all, you might not even feel like joining in the conversation next time. Hence, always remember to ask the other person, what they think? This can work wonders everywhere. A potential client, might actually like you for asking his opinion, at home, your spouse will know that their opinion is valued as much. Let others express their views and work together as a team, taking all points into consideration. Work might get a lot easier and your personal relationships might improve too!

I Want To Hear

We love to talk about ourselves, whether we admit it or not. Hence, always ask people to talk about themselves. When you give them a free rein, they feel more confident and can talk uninhibitedly. For example in an interview, when you ask the interviewee a specific question about his life or work, he might be able to answer it better knowing that you have been listening to him all along. Similarly, if you ask the interviewer about the company or in general about himself, the interviewer might find you to be a confident person. So talk to real people, ditch your virtual chat messengers and find out the joy in talking to someone and making them smile.

Sorry About This

It has been found that when having a conversation if you tell them sorry in the middle of it, people appreciate it a lot. In another experiment, it was found out that people who apologized, were considered to be more trustworthy. Whether you are expressing sympathy or apologizing, sorry can be a very potent word and can keep relationships intact, when they seem like they might break. In fact, relationships that take years to build might break in one moment, the only word that can save it is “sorry”.

I Trust You

Though they may seem simple, they are 3 very important words in every kind of relationship. These words can make a huge difference and spread positive vibes. It will make people like you more and make them realize they are doing something right. It will also make them more responsible. It is truly amazing how simple words can change our outlook completely.

It is not too difficult to say these words more often and make people like you. Only you need to be more sensitive towards other’s needs and them first before yourself.



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