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5 Ways To Prevent Workplace Burnout

You need your work for a lot of things, but if you’re not careful, it can take a toll on you physically. When you just work and work and do nothing else, time will come when you start to feel like you have to drag yourself to work daily—you haven’t even started your day yet, and you’re already feeling drained. To prevent burnout, here are some tips and tricks you should consider.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]“Burnout is nature’s way of telling you, you’ve been going through the motions your soul has departed; you’re a zombie, a member of the walking dead, a sleepwalker. False optimism is like administrating stimulants to an exhausted nervous system.” ― Sam Keen  [/su_quote]

 Mingle With Other People

We are social creatures and are made to interact with fellow human beings. Social contact is one of nature’s best ways of dealing with stress. This means that just having some small talk with a friend or meeting someone new can do wonders to ease the effects of job burnout. The face and heart are wired together in your head, so talking to a good listener will calm your nervous system and relieve you of stress. The person you are talking with does not even have to fix whatever is causing you burnout; all he or she has to do is listen.

However, be careful when picking who to talk to. Make sure that he or she is a good listener who is not judgmental and will listen attentively. Some people are very toxic, and they can end up stressing you out more instead of helping you.

 Get the Best Equipment for Work

Working on a slow computer at your desk job can triple the amount of stress that you are already in. This also applies to smaller things such as an uncomfortable desk or chair or something that bothers you at work that leaves you fighting for concentration, like a construction site. Comfort is very important at work, so be aware of what factors are stressing you; find the best and most practical solutions to make them go away.

Never leave something uncomfortable by itself, since all things in your workplace can be fixed. For instance, talk to your boss about how the slow work computer is hampering your performance and open about the small things. Others might call you out for complaining, but keep in mind that the end goal of all this is for you to be as productive as you can be.

 Assess Yourself and Work Towards Solutions

Your job is not meant to be the easiest and most comfortable in the world. For sure, you will find things that are hard to deal with. At some point, you might wish that you are working somewhere else. It is important to know where you stand at your job. While you are not expected to be at your dream job, at least know how much you can tolerate it. Be honest and ask yourself what you are really passionate about and how much you still care about what you do.

 Use Your Vacation Leave

Your vacation is just as important as the job itself. You are given this right by law to relax, and you have all the right to use every single day of it. Most Americans, however, try to be as productive as they can and end up using only 51% of their paid vacation days. This trend can be attributed to a company culture that discourages time off. A lot of employees think that they have to work instead of taking a break, which is actually counterproductive in the long term.

You have to convince yourself that taking a vacation does not work against your work ethic or your character. Vacation days were made so that you could use them for a vacation. It does not have to be your dream destination or somewhere really far and expensive; just go ahead and take a break.

 Make Time for Yourself Daily

Your work will not demand every single second of your life. We work only eight hours a day since the other eight are meant for sleeping, and the other eight for attending to yourself. You do not have to go far to make yourself happy; it is enough that you reward yourself with small things daily. This can be something as small as working out in the gym, enjoying a cup of coffee, or taking a short walk at the park.

Burnout can be very tough on you and your long term goals, so it is important that you manage your stress correctly. Do you have other tips in mind about avoiding office burnout? Share them with us in the comments below.

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