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Trump To Lower $15 Million In Spending, Including Children’s Health Insurance Program!

In an unprecedented move, President Trump has made plans to cut back about $15 billion in previously Congress-approved spending. All this in a bid to please the conservative faction of his support that is worried about the ballooning budget deficits.

About half of the proposed cuts will affect two accounts in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that White House officials shared expired in the last year. They, however, don’t expect to be drawn up the CHIP issue at present

In addition, about $800 million of the funds would come from money fashioned from the Affordable Care Act in 2010. The Act was set up in order to try out service delivery and innovative payment models.

At present, the White House has proposed about 30 programs to be culled up by Congress. By definition, the process is called “recession” since it entails scrapping funds that were previously authorized.

Once the White House forwards the request to Congress, the lawmakers will have about 45 days to either scale-back or vote on the plan based on a simple majority aggregate system. If the move by the White House is approved by Congress, it would represent a lowly 0.4 percent of comprehensive government spending this annum.


In an interview, Republican Mark Walk shared that they had been given guarantees by the White House that the package would be first of many to come. He also shared that at the moment, fellow lawmakers were eager to initiate the cuts.

Additionally, he mentioned that he hopes people don’t see the whole move as a mere political gimmick. Instead, he remains confident that there were legitimate concerns raise and it was not all a symbolic ruse.

In another statement, a senior administration official spoke out in a bid to get Democrats to acknowledge that most of the package actually represents untapped accounts and that cutting the money would facilitate major savings to be made without compromising the operations

From a distance, Democrats have been watching the whole scenario play out. It is understood that most of them are quite skeptical about the move. Most believe that programs like CHIP need to be expanded instead of being clawed back. Notably, most Democrats have been against any initiatives that seek to implement changes to the Affordable Care Act.

According to Charles E. Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, President Trump and the Republicans in Congress are actually seeking to tear up the unbiased CHIP. In doing so, they would hurt the middle class and low-income children dependent on such programs, just to appease a few conservative special interests in order to feel fantastic about blowing up the deficit. Together with other Democrats, they are of the opinion that Republicans simply want to issue tax breaks to the biggest corporations.

In response, White House officials denied any such suggestions by saying that CHIP would not affect the quality of healthcare provision. All the same, the possibility of such changes has prompted Democrats to mobilize opposition to act against the move.


The package encountered stiff opposition in the Senate even before it was released to the masses. Senator Susan M. Collins (R-Maine) shared her concerns that one of the programs that are set to be cut is CHIP

Given the importance of the program, she said that she expects a really good reason to be presented to back up the move, however, she doesn’t believe the one actually exists.

In her statement, Collins shared that she was really concerned about the state of CHIP given the fact that she actually played a key part in the making of the program together with fellow representatives, Senators Orrin Hatch and Edward Kennedy, co-sponsoring the program a number of years ago.

In the Senate, Republican representatives have a very slim majority advantage. For their bill to pass, they would thus need to have near-unanimous support from other members.

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