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Ten Celebrities Who Have Their Body Parts Insured

Most of us have health insurance to make sure that our health is taken care of in case of emergencies. Depending on our current condition, we add or remove certain services. For example, when you are pregnant, you would need a much better coverage. Same goes for people suffering from chronic diseases. However, celebrities go a level higher and insure their body parts that are the most coveted portion of their body. Call them crazy, but they can definitely afford to pay millions in insurance for their favorite body parts. Here is a list!

David Beckham

One of the greatest soccer players ever, David Beckham insured parts of his body which almost always did magic with a ball – his legs, feet, and toes. A staggering $195 million was the amount fixed for the insurance deal. We hear that he has his legs protected against injury as well as disfigurement. Since he works as a model now, we guess it was important for him to do it.

Jennifer Lopez

We all know that Jennifer Lopez has an amazing physique. Even after having kids and being on the verge of 50 have not deterred this sensational star to lessen her hotness quotient. No wonder she has got one of her most enviable parts insured for $27 million. Yes, you heard it right! But have you guessed which part of her body it is? It is her hips! Well, Jenny from the block only deserves the best, it seems.

Heidi Klum

Next in our list is supermodel Heidi Klum. She was the first supermodel from Germany to become a Victoria’s Angel. Those amazingly long legs made sure that this beauty got what she wanted from life and went to have even more! Naturally, she insured her legs for $2 million each. And she never forgets to flaunt them at every opportunity she can.

America Ferrera

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera is hardly ugly anymore! She has this amazing smile which became quite easily her most attractive asset. When Aquafresh was using her in a charitable campaign, they were the ones who insured her pearlies for a whopping $10 million. Paying that much money for a smile shows what a beautiful one Ferrera sports!

Julia Roberts

Which is the most attractive part of Julia Roberts’ body? We are sure you know the answer! Her smile has been enchanting people ever since she appeared in Pretty Woman. Some might call it a too wide smile, but then critics would always have something to say. Anyway, Roberts insured her teeth for $30 million!

Bette Davis

This one is quite hilarious! Yesteryear star Bette Davis was afraid that with age, she might gain a few pounds, and her waistline might not look as good as it did during her youth. Hence, she went ahead and insured her waistline for $28,000. Mind you, it was a lot of money back then, though it might look meager in this list when we are talking only in millions.

Mariah Carey

Well, this beautiful lady here has simply outdone all her peers in insuring her body part. When she started endorsing the shaving company, Gillette, she realized that her legs are invaluable. Hence, she got them insured for $70 million, along with her voice.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Here is another hotshot celebrity athlete who got his legs insured, but for completely different reasons. The soccer star has been making headlines for quite some time now. Having loads of money in his bank account, it was not difficult for him to take the decision of insuring his legs. Both his legs are insured for $144 million.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig had to do a lot of body-threatening stunts when he shot for the James Bond movie, Casino Royale. Because of the danger of his role, this prompted him to go for a full-body insurance worth $9.5 million. Well, he is definitely very cautious about his health!

 Taylor Swift

Interestingly enough, Taylor Swift didn’t insure her voice, but her stunning legs for a staggering $40 million. She thinks her vibrant stage performances have helped her gain more popularity. Hence, the legs won over the voice. Also, she was supposed to go on a world tour, so the insurance was a precautionary move, we guess.

While we, normal people, struggle to pay up our health insurance premiums, celebrities spend millions on just their body parts. But there is a good reason behind this as celebrities from the world of modeling, sports, or music each use a specific body part to earn their living. If, by any chance, something happens to those parts, their life will be ruined. Hence, they take this extreme measure to make sure their future is secured. Though it’s only something we can dream of, celebrities can easily afford this kind of insurance for themselves.

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